Monday, October 27, 2014

Ugh... I should be off on higher information content forms right now. More rambling... 10/27

You do not actually believe in the "Human Skin Lampshades" and "Nazi Shrunken Heads" mythologies presented there, do you?  That's no better than Inglourious Basterds or some other Hollywood movie.   More people killed and tortured over reality shows and forms of entertainment...  well, I'll grant the power of entertainment in a low information content world.   But still, it's not actually true.  (So of course they didn't shrink heads or make lampshades out of human skin, etc.  Therefore your model for a trial is wrong, given that it was often a sham.)

All you meant to do was to suggest that he Democrats are like Nazis, I guess.  It might be helpful if you understood the Nazi perspective, though.  They're not like Nazis.  If anything, they're more like the Jewish Bolsheviks that Team Captain America allied with to defeat the Nazis.  (Enter the Nuremberg "Trials," shrunken heads from Albert G. Rosenberg of the Allied "Psychological Warfare Division" and all...  a member of the tribe with tribal atrocity propaganda.  Surprise.  I wonder if he went home to eat Haman's ears and engage in mock cannibalism.  Perceptions vary, so what it means to be a member of a tribe supposedly transcending all other tribes varies.) 

More entertainment.   They should have had more shrunken heads for Saddam.  Or they could have found the skeletons of the incubator babies in one of his palaces.  Eaten according to Tom Lantos and the PR firm that created that myth, I shouldn't wonder.  "Another Hitler."   Etc.  The corporate media crackheads:  "This just in to my teleprompter.... he ate babies!"  Etc.   More freedumb.  

I guess there's always Putin, another Hitler.  Maybe he eats babies and then shrinks their heads?  He probably eats gay babies, no doubt.   Shrug.  Pathetic.  But Team Captain America types may be expected to die over that sort of thing again eventually.   

Anyway, I know... all you wanted to do was suggest that your political opponents are somehow like Nazis but there I go with my sarcasm and satire.  I'm actually trying to get back to some semblance of "reality" through the layers of perspective and forms of media between the "truth" and us.  And satire is often a quick way of heading back in that direction.

But anyway, from your perspective... your political opponents are like Nazis and war "criminals."  And that's all you wanted to say, I suppose. 


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