Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ramble 10/28

Lincoln had his greenback idea, the most likely reason for his assassination... Democrats could listen to their founders too. 

Basically, same deal:
Jackson's supporters then founded what became the Democratic Party.
Congress attempted to reauthorize the Second Bank of the United States several years before the expiration of its charter, which he opposed. He vetoed the renewal of its charter in 1832, and dismantled it by the time its charter expired in 1836.
On January 30, 1835, what is believed to be the first attempt to kill a sitting President of the United States occurred just outside the United States Capitol. When Jackson was leaving through the East Portico after the funeral of South Carolina Representative Warren R. Davis, Richard Lawrence, an unemployed house painter from England, aimed a pistol at Jackson, which misfired. Lawrence pulled out a second pistol, which also misfired. Historians believe the humid weather contributed to the double misfiring.    Lawrence was restrained, and legend says that Jackson attacked Lawrence with his cane. Others present, including David Crockett, restrained and disarmed Lawrence.
    Lawrence told doctors later his reasons for the shooting. He blamed Jackson for the loss of his job. He claimed that with the President dead, "money would be more plenty" (a reference to Jackson's struggle with the Bank of the United States) and that he "could not rise until the President fell". ....  He was deemed insane and institutionalized.   --Wikipedia
  I'm sure that "dead presidents" would love to know that their images are used on the federal reserve notes of Zion now.

Remember: When the hate-America-First crowd wants to run down the USA in its history…. they are talking about DEMOCRATS who ran the country then.

The answer to the hate America first crowd is to point out that the nation is generally being run in the interests of foreign and multinational banks, not necessarily "Americans."

The national economy during the 1830's was booming and the federal government through duty revenues and sale of public lands was able to pay all bills. In January 1835, Jackson paid off the entire national debt, the only time in U.S. history that has been accomplished.  --Wikipedia
  Democrats "fiscally responsible"?   

That's never happening again.   Too many political pets, too much Cultural Marxism, too many free rainbows sold to clueless progressives supposedly trying to "redistribute" money to the poor by borrowing it from a private banking cartel... etc.   

Note the importance of banking (aka "the economy" or "Capitalism" and perhaps "Marxism" too) and the timeline of some assassination attempts:
February 25 1791: Alexander Hamilton, (a Jew born Alexander Levine in the West Indies), as Secretary of the Treasury, pushed a bank Bill through Congress to establish the First Bank of the United States.
    Documents in the British Museum prove that Alexander Hamilton received payment from the Rothschilds for his deed in binding the US government and the States to the international Jewish bankers.
   January 24 1811: Congress debates renewal of the charter for the First Bank of the United States.
   March 4 1811: The First Bank of the United States is closed. As a result, the House of Rothschild, who had controlling stock, loses millions. This enrages Nathan Rothschild who then coerces the British Parliament to retake the colonies thus fomenting the War of 1812.
   May 11 1812: British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval, a devout Christian, is slain by an assassin named John Bellingham. Because Perceval was decidedly against entering into the War of 1812 the Jewish bankers of England had Prime Minister Spencer Perceval assassinated.
  June 18 1812: Backed by Rothschild money, the British declare war on the US.
   December 5 1815: President Madison proposes a Second Bank of the United States.
   January 7 1817: Congress creates the Second Bank of the United States.  .... 
In 1828, immediately upon his election as the new President of the US, President Andrew Jackson began an investigation of the Second Bank of the United States. President Jackson argued that the bank was privately owned with stockholders from foreign nations who had political agendas at odds with the United States. President Jackson, an avowed Christian, is known for these famous words against the Rothschilds:

— “You are a den of thieves vipers, and I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out.” —  

--Brother Nathanael Kapner
With respect to the churches, your primary concern should not be the 501c3 status of your place within what has grown back as a fraudulent scheme of corruption and iniquity in the shadow of One World Trade Center. 

Your primary concern should be the truth. 

Shrug.   There's nothing to be done when churches are busy playing with or debating the nature of free rainbows and Americans have political pets as politicians.  Can anyone imagine a Democrat like Andrew Jackson being called a "pet"?  He would have probably shot whoever did that on the spot. 

But now Americans have more freedumb....  thanks to "the Left" or "Marxists."
The lie of freedom from oppression that Cultural Marxism uses is the same lie Communism and the Soviet Empire used. The real purpose for this destruction is so exactly like the Soviet Empire, the only form of culture becomes a totalitarian 1984-esque government ruling the people....   a government that murders hundreds of millions of gentiles as they did in The Red Holocaust.
    Cultural Marxism is largely a synthesis of Marx✡ and Freud✡. It is Marxism as applied in the cultural sphere and the analysis and control of the media, art, theatre, film and other cultural institutions in society, often with an emphasis on class, race and gender. As a form of political analysis, Cultural Marxism gained strength in the 1920s, and was the model used by a group of intellectuals in Germany known as the Frankfurt School; and later by another group of intellectuals at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies in Birmingham, England. The fields of Cultural Studies and Critical theory are rooted in and influenced by work of Cultural Marxism.
    Cultural Marxism is formulated as a way to subvert European nations and civilization using methods other than direct political action.   --Metapedia

Perhaps a problem with cultural Marxism and Jews celebrating their defamation and degradation* of other cultures....  abject stupidity can lead to unexpected results among the goyim:  Californians Sign Petition Supporting Holocaust Beach Party

*Don't bother denying that.  All one has to do is read what they, themselves, have written.  One could say, "Well, these other Jews over here do not agree."  Of course.  But that doesn't change the fact that many shaping the culture are defaming the goyim while inciting tribalism, identity politics, etc.

There is no Goyim Anti-Defamation League.  Otherwise imagine all the lists of "hate crimes" that could be made.  Mix it in with other groups.  And there you go.  But what did Orwell say?  Some animals are more equal than others on the farm... or something like that.      

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