Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Ramble 10/7

 That's how a culture winds up with people saying that they can change their biology (being male or female) based on their feelings.  But they can't change their feelings (being gay or straight) based on their biology or medical treatments. 

It's contradictory unless one realizes that feelings are the be all, end all.  And this is suitable for a Culture Inc. in which a fossil fueled binge of consumption (Eat this!  Super sized feelings here!  Here's one with a rainbow on it, can you feel the feels!) and so forth.   There is less of a focus on "gay rights" (Civil rights based on or defined by feelings?  Imagine that.) when people have to focus on putting food on the table themselves.  Or when there's less estrogen pollution due to civilization.        

Shorter and more satiric, the Empire better have some big fat* and gay Drone operators ready because it cannot run on trends created by a philosophy of hedonism indefinitely. 

*And then the National Association for Fat Acceptance can be proud...  is it time for a fat pride parade for the first fat soldiers yet?  Another civil rights barrier broken... provided the entire "civil rights" edifice with its new forms of law for useless lawyers to create careers and "legal frontiers" with doesn't break under the weight of everyone piling on civilization.  "What about me and my group defined by feelings? My feelings are hurt too!  And here's this meth head that was killed in a horrific way by some other drug addled people once.  Surely that means something about a group of feelings people that I speak for!  You don't have feelings?  How cold hearted!!!"  Apparently this is the sort of thing that illiterate and ignorant people do based on false philosophies...  I sometimes wonder if it's because they have nothing better to do.  (Enter the depopulation people or the elite that fantasize about terrorizing them.  Would that shape them up?)  

*Note the questionable nature of some of the icons, saints and martyrs of "feelings people":
Not only does Jimenez's research contradict the claim that McKinney and Henderson only met Shepard the night of the murder, but it mars the picturesque image of the 21-year-old student and the world he lived in prior to his death. The book reportedly claims that Shepard and McKinney were both dealing and using methamphetamine and, in addition to being business rivals within that venture, had a sexual relationship.
    According to Kirkus reviews, "The tragedy was 'enshrined ... as passion play and folktale, but hardly ever for the truth of what it was': the story of a troubled young man who had died because he had been involved with Laramie's drug underworld rather than because he was gay."      HuffPost
But he's an ADL martyr held up to herd the goy to the Left, so actually researching anything with the actual truth in mind would probably be yet another "conspiracy theory."   Real, crazy. 
Matthew Shepard was a 21-year-old freshman at the University of Wyoming where he studied political science, foreign relations and languages. On October 7, 1998, a few hours after he had attended a planning meeting for Gay Awareness Week events on campus, Shepard was tortured and murdered by two men in a remote area east of Laramie, Wyoming, the victim of a heinous hate crime. ... Shepard’s life and untimely death changed the way we talk about, and deal with, hate in America.  Google, ADL
That's their narrative because their agenda is tribal and has to do with manufacturing tribal groupings like their own perceived tribe.  Is it true?  Is it yet another half-truth or tribal myth narrated over a tragic event...  and invented for the usual reasons? 

Would it matter if it was not true when people are basically defining themselves into groups and tribes based on feelings at this point?  What if Shephard hadn't been into going to a Tribal Awareness Week or whatever and instead was more of an average guy providing for his family that got killed by some meth heads?  Would that mean that he wasn't a martyr and a saint to be lifted up by the Jewish/mainstream media and their organizations?

Anyway, look at how easily people are herded based on cultural power (trendy liberals are not the only instance...)... it would almost be amusing if it wasn't tragic. 

Still waiting on the formation of the Fat Tribe based on identity politics and the ADL turning every instance of bullying in school into a "hate crime"... do you discriminate against fat people?  Climate of hatred!  Why do you hate fat people?   Going on a diet would be a form of self hatred and internalized phobias, no doubt.

You should know your own degraded, illiterate and generally pretty stupid culture by now.   So use your imagination and take it from there, if you still have any of your own imagination left after the politically correct thought police of the tribe are through with you.  

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