Friday, October 03, 2014

Ramble 10/3

Coons: ...Muammar Gadhafi’s death and the promise [????] of a new Libyan regime are arguments for the... U.S. military....

Arguments for veterans to receive millions of dollars?  Nope.

They're not really Mcnation Building Inc. anyway.  They're generally nation destroying like a troupe of clowns.  Oops.  Uh, more bombs!  Uh, oh... well, better vote for more bombs again! 


That's the thing about their Operation Northwoods type scenarios, where they have to blow up some of their own peasants (That's you, by the way.) in order to "nation build."  In theory they could have had a McCuba and Disney Inc. probably could have been built there.  """"Globalization."""" 

But in fact, sometimes things do not go as planned or when it comes to destroying* and rebuilding other nations and cultures, no matter how screwed up they are to begin with...  especially when a group of clowns and "pets" seems to have taken over the business of running a declining Empire. 

*Because it's really beginning to look like the New World Order Inc. is just nation destroying and not "nation building."  Chaos incoming...  hey, did they forgot to bring order out of chaos?

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