Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Alt Right... still kosher!

Yeah. Sure are a lot of Jews trying to invent a Transgender Tribe similar to their own Victim Minority Tribe... huh? Why does RamZ bother with being so kosher as the ethnic ecology shifts?

What is his "Alt Right" view of 911, again? Note that the Tribe is generally beginning to allow the Saudis to be pushed forward in front of their own Jewish nationalists now. These guys go around and around. All one can say is that they're slightly better than Alex Jonestown and the lizard people.

"Well, it's not lizard people aliens." "It's elites!"   "Sure, there are a lot of Jews but it's the goyim crime families that they're friends with. It's not really just a bunch of Jews or anything!   Heck, it could be Eskimo crime families... but not lizards! Lizard Eskimos... that would be a dumb conspiracy theory! Haha."

"We're the alternative right, the alternative to all that crazy stuff... because we say Jew sometimes. And look, I made the SPLC lists... so that has to count for soemthing!" Etc.

Lol. Where are you at on 911, RamZ?

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