Friday, April 01, 2016

Comment to all these half-wits in the man-o-sphere trying to blame women of European descent for the current diversification/destruction of Europe and the decline of America.

Imagine a video: "Why Jews destroy the civilizations of the goyim/nations."

 If free White women subvert civilizations, then why aren't all Muslim civilizations usually the best in the world? If oppressing women is civilized, then why is a Talmudic/Jewish State what it is?

You're just blame shifting to keep things kosher (to get hits with pictures of European women, etc.) or you're ignorant. There's a foreign ethnic group hiding behind women of European descent, now being joined by all these others because Islamophobia is supposed to be the new antisemitism.

All of these trends are predicated on ALL white people of European descent playing the part of "Nazis"/racists, including our White warrior maidens/"feminists" that once fought for their people. White men aren't fighting for their own people either as they traipse off to every kosher war under the sun, without regard for their own nations right in their own country.

They're usually just as misguided and full of kosher freedumb fries as women of European descent. The women that a half-wit like you wants to blame, our own kin.

And who are you, again?

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