Tuesday, April 05, 2016

African mafias?

....you missed his point about African tribalism, where they rally as a group around their criminals along with the innocent. I am not against tribalism and love for kin/family and therefore race/extended family groups and nations. But it can easily take a shift toward gangs at the street level and organized crime FAMILIES/tribes or mafias similar to those based on being Italian or Jewish (or other ethnic groups) at a higher level.

Apparently Africans generally never get to that higher level of organization because they're too busy with rallying around their criminals/gangs at a street level. As European powers retreat from Africa, Chinese are already moving in. And where are the African mafias? Nowhere. Worldwide, they usually just have street gangs.

I'm giving you the outline because here's what is coming, the White tribes of the North/Nordic/Norse/Northmen are currently in the process of awakening. The sleeping ice giants. Metaphors vary. Maybe they'll begin to align with Asian or perhaps like Trump, Jewish crime families. Because it's becoming apparent that "something" must be done about African "lives matter" running wild in the streets. "We won't have a country." "Either we have a country or we don't." "What will Europe be? What are they doing?" Etc.

It may be that Trump is just a preview of resistance and alignments as more and more ethnic groups begin to wonder: "What the hell are these Africans and Muslims from tribes of the South doing, anyway?" It's probably inescapable. Cameras are everywhere. So everyone can see it, unlike the organized crime families of other ethnic groups from the North that are better at organizing a crime. One would think that Africans would be more careful if they've really been so scarred by slavery after fellow tribesmen sold them for rum or a shiny object.  They've probably been watching too many Jewish movies where they get to kill all the White people and so forth. 

It would be best if they studied history.

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