Monday, April 04, 2016

Meh... whatever. Ramble: 4/4

Just curious. Do Jewish supremacists (That unlike Ramz... are actually socially constructed supremacists.) ever distance themselves from their settlers burning babies, etc.? Or do they support them financially?

 I suppose "some" do distance themselves. "And some, I suppose... are good people." --Trump. The usual song and dance about the supposedly mysterious existence of ethnic groups and "individual" subgroups down to the last tree in the forest.  "What's a forest, me not know group of trees!  Only see, individual tree... no species."  Etc.

But anyway, what is Ramz actually doing? He's distancing himself from "mean" people that use mean words that may hurt some feely feels? Perhaps wait until your own tribalists are celebrating burning toddlers to death like crazy Jewish tribalists do, then step in and say: "You know what? I'm a moderate and stuff. Or somethin'. After all, I'm against celebrating burning kids to death." Not to use Jewish craziness as a standard for our people. But so far, he's just upset about mean words/hurt feels and triggers. Generally, none of the "Nazis" have actually done anything of any significance but raised consciousness about the role of Jewish supremacy in WWII and the post WWII world... then rallied strong to Trump... a total Judaizer.

As a new awareness of a body politic forms, it's always going to have a Right and Left. Ramz can stake out territory on the Left... so long as a new awareness of a biologically European/"white" body politic continues to be "socially constructed." 

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