Thursday, April 28, 2016

Comment on some pathetic old German guy indoctrinated with Allied/Communist propaganda...

He was defending his country. Look what happened to it later. Google: Hellstorm. Look at what Jewish Communists did wherever their influence spread. Does this subject of "Allied" propaganda think that his kinsmen made Jews into soap and lampshades too? Is there NOTHING that gullible Alex Jonestown viewers will not believe, other than that their "Nazi" cartoons are the epitome of evil? There's a "slight" problem with feeling (due to conditioning) that expressions of European/White nationalism/tribalism are the epitome of absolute evil/"Nazism" like Jewish Marxists argue.

You're White and people of European descent. Dumbasses.

First they came for the Germans. (Look at immigration patterns now... yet they're defenseless. Because all White nationalism or European tribalism is "racism"/"neo-Nazism"... as the Jews say. Of course, they're still nationalists for themselves. But Jones will not touch that, let alone deal with why Jewish supremacists created Communism to dominate the "goyim".) Truly pathetic to see and old German man trotted out by Judaizers to continue all the defamation and lies.

There is no "Goyim Anti-Defamation League" to go to for those that challenge Jewish lies about other ethnic groups, Jewish terrorism, Jewish tribalism, Jewish mafias, etc.

Don't even bother trying to argue that they're not Jews, they're just individual criminals. Your stupid cartoon "Nazis" were individual German nationalists/tribalists caught in economic crises and revolutions incited by Jewish criminals, yet you pretend that they were all criminals while excusing movements arising from Jewish tribalism like Communism and so-called "Zionism"/Jewish nationalism.

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