Friday, April 29, 2016

Ramble 4/29

TLDR: Ultimately, you support bringing in more refugees (immigration, migration, whoever/etc.) prone to forming ethnic gangs but want to make the bathrooms nicer for transgenders?

It is a silly issue, given what the Empire of Entertainment Inc. is doing now to protect all this freedumb in the bathroom.

Our countries priorities are screwed up. Indeed. Good Anglo instincts there. English? But that's a half-truth. Our country is just dirt, our nation is our kin/families/tribes. My children and extended family are my first priority, not every minority (Including those imagined based on feelings.) under the sun. (In India, the majority defecate in the streets.. so apparently this transgender bathroom stuff that politicians, CEOs, lawyers and bankers like to focus on is a non-issue there.) The truth is that a Swedish or French man that thinks he's a woman in the terminal stage of Western civilization is Swedish or French first, not transgendered. Something that they tend to figure out as more and more neighborhoods and then entire countries become Muslim/African/Arabic/diversity.

People of Swedish descent juxtaposing the results of African mob/gang violence (Happens every day in Africa and among African Americans...) with the push for transgender identities by the whitest of white people (just like in Sweden) is even more silly than our argument about the Transgender Predator Threat vs. Bathroom Bullies (A delicate balance in our imaginations... to be sure.)

Big picture, the fact that we are even talking about imaginary bathroom bullies victimizing a Transgender Tribe (What's next, gas chambers? Call Jack Markell!!!) has to do with tendencies among different ethnic groups that actually are rather significant.

For instance, the results of Swedes (Seemingly often as concerned with bathroom minorities as Markell but based on entirely different ethnic tendencies, etc.) basically trying to ethnically cleanse themselves with refugees again. (And then who will protect the Syrian refugees, I mean the transgendered from the Muslim bullies!?) is no joke. Apparently many have no IKEA what they're doing to their own civilization and kin. Or the mess that they're leaving their children/nation, as well as other European subgroups.

This seems to be an aspect of Swedish behavior before beginning the violent/"bullying" process of becoming more like Muslim ethnic groups:
"...extending over thirty years and conducted in Sweden, where the culture is strongly supportive of the transgendered..." (Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme | Public Discourse)

It's not Native Americans or Chinese pushing this. I would just laugh. In fact, I do.

But it tends to matter when the same white people of the North want to bring in 50 Shades of Muslim refugees from the South later.

Because that's real. That's not some largely imaginary bathroom issue that white men and women can trigger their psychological dynamics with in a civilized world of rainbow entertainment, that tends to create ethnic gangs and mafias in the neighborhood that my family/kin/nation lives in. Real bullies and real violence in the bathrooms... as well as the streets.

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