Thursday, April 28, 2016

Diversity ramble.... the usual.

Jewish hypocrisy is the same as White/European hypocrisy, as they preach dumbocrazy and diversity but then they don't live with it. Observe White flight, etc. But in addition to the usual hypocritical behavior and denials of healthy tribalism/"racism" that can be observed among Europeans/"white people"... many tribal Jews hate Europeans/"Nazis." Perhaps a tribal hatred that is understandable, given that Europeans have allowed neurotic and phobic Jewish bed wetters to think that White people tried to turn Jews into six million pieces of soap and kosher lampshades for no reason. Talk about a "Light unto the Goyim"! Not sure that's what the original tribalists that invented that had in mind. Not to mention Indiana Jones and the tale of the lost shrunken heads used to decorate the lampshades too.

What do you think all those tribal mythologies do to Jews? You think that they're all thinking, "Europe and Europeans are all great... shew! We love us some Europeans now. Let's support them because Muslims are dangerous!!! Saaaay... it's the Muslims look at us like lampshades, isn't it!"

Is tribalism, culture and ethnic ecology really so hard to understand?

Blah, blah... Hitler. I just saw a "Nazi" cartoon. That's history! Hitler tried to help Jewish nationalists build their own homeland. Stop watching Team America Uberman cartoons created by Jews with their own tribal interests in mind consciously or subconsciously and focus. There is tribalism here, the same sort of subconscious impulse that causes White flight among dumb Whites/Europeans that pretend that they know a tribal threat when they see one.

What are the results of the creation of a separate nation/tribe within the nation repeatedly created by Judaism? Are we surprised by the poor, poor (poor?) Victim Minority that preached international diversity to the "dumb goyim"/Europeans while building a tribal state for themselves needing to leave again? Curious how they create Team Uberman cartoons for the White Goys sent out to defeat their equally cartoonish "Nazis"/Germans... but what do they create for themselves? An ethnically and tribally defined state for their own family/nation/tribe. "Intolerance! Phobias! Hate! Me, ma moo... mooo!!! More Superman and rainbow cartoons needed!" Ah. But not for your own kids/tribe. For them, you are trying to build an ethnic state based on tribalism/nationalism.

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