Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ramble 4/26

Less kosher: https://www.google.com/#q=Bob+iger+disney+Jew

There's a reason that specific people push this and "gay marriage" throughout the culture all the way down to the bathrooms and TV shows. (On our children... not a good idea, as far as I'm concerned.)

It's not just some great mystery why this is occurring after people watch too many TV shows produced by a tribal minority group that fancies themselves as being like a Transgender Tribe of victims. It's all about using their influence (TV, Music, politics, etc.) to protect themselves from being discriminated against as a minority group,, even if they have to turn whole civilizations into a "gender fluid" chaotic mess.

Judeo-Christians will never stand up to this. They're already failing. Millenials are even worse. Because they agree with the Jewish premise of, "First they came for the Transgenders in the bathroom. Then everyone went mad with racism and nationalism! Hitler!!! The Devil!"

Their devil is Hitler/nationalism/"racism" as they've been instructed by Jews and not the actual Devil/"synagogue of Satan" and Judaism/Satanism like Jesus instructed them. The WWII generation that was convinced to torture and kill "Nazis" while allied with Communists/Jews created a baby boom that produced millenials that now want this transgender bathroom gibberish and a kosher candidate/Sanders to save them from what is continuing to unfold.

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