Friday, April 29, 2016

Ramble on the blame the Muslims first and forever crowd...

course Muslim "goyim" do all that.  That's part of the reason that Talmudic Jews are usually fine with using them like "goy"/cattle and patsies.

Even the stuff that Muslims can't actually do, like scheduling drills on 911 and the usual markers for covert operations... they would if they could.  But the Jewish owned media in America would actually investigate that.  Indeed, they blared from the hills that Iranians did the Malaysian jetliner based on the flimsiest of evidence.  But when Jews do something, they have a NIST simulation of an investigation... deny gravity, claim that a miraculous event took place and call it a day. 

The fact that Jewish nationalists did 911 because it was "good for Israel" in their fight against Muslim nutters and were arrested dancing in the streets celebrating (with passports to leave the country, etc.... later to be sent back to Israel by Chertoff and other "politicians"/"consultants" covered for by "the media", i.e. a bunch of tribal Jews.) is a topic that it would take thousands of pages to explain.  More than 28 pages.

Muslim goyim:  "Me not know that Jews want to use goy golem...  me just Muslim criminal.  Masons!"

 White goys:  "Me just want excuse to have borders in me country...  say, why do we need Muslim diversity?  Me thought we went to war on Muslims... I mean war on terror against this!  So why is diversity here now?"

I guess someone like you (blind to Jews) could look at it all this way, a lot of Muslims really do want to kill you and make you a dhimmi.  So you can go on and focus on Muslim ethnic groups to the exclusion of all other factions.

There again, Talmudic Jews have already monetized the nations/"goyim" with national debt/money and in many respects fulfilled their God damned prophecies of supremacy over the "goyim."   Even the most dimwitted will probably wonder why experts in "national" security like Chertoff (Mr. Underwear Bomber, goyim!) simultaneously support diversity/immigration/migration and condemn so-called "Islamophobia" as if it's the new "antisemitism."  I.e. the "kuffar" or the "goyim" are resistant to Muslim and Jewish ethnic activists.

It's almost as if Islamic and Talmudic supremacy (poor minority victims?) aren't really that different.  The fact that these groups of Muslim and Jewish supremacists hate each other is meaningless, unless you're going to start thinking like a Jew like Joshua Goldberg and false flag or incite them against each other.  But the "dumb goyim" usually don't think that way.  That's what the Tribe banks on.  

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