Monday, April 04, 2016

Interesting... I've been thinking about the Amish model. We could probably just pretend to be Amish if necessary, thus establishing our natural right to continue to exist. It's just that no one is feeling the pressure yet. Everything is there as far as the Empire of Rainbow Dreams and its diversity policies for whites, though. Law/culture/etc. are trending anti-White/anti-rural/suburban/"racists/Nazis", for an obvious reason that rhymes with you but isn't actually you. Jew!

+Molfish Globalization and Neo-liberalism is REAL. That means that White Nationalism is NOT an option. Taking back your country is NOT an option. Succession and dividing the country up is NOT an option. Here are your options: move to a state or community that is already 90%+ white, form a white community, form a local private European heritage club, or form a white political interest group. There are alot of states that are still over 90% white in the USA. A private European heritage club allows you to LEGALLY discriminate for membership. White communities can be formed but currently do not have the legal right to discriminate. There are ways around this. Orania in South Africa is in an isolated area and requires language and ethnic affiliation. The Amish model in the USA allows the Amish to get around government integration policy. Native Americans have the legal right to discriminate. A political organization by whites can seek to acquire the right to discriminate (as Native Americans) with some autonomy from the fed (but cannot succeed) that allows them to determine who can be citizens and residents of their communities and the legal right to control migration into their communities. Finally, YOU IDIOTS are just running your faggotty ass mouths because 2 years ago Craig Cobb tried to start a white community but NONE of you IMBECILES showed up!

More people would show up given another "bankster"/Jewish produced "economic"/banking failure.   It's the "economy," as they say.  It's already failing more and more.

But so long as another 2008 or war isn't instigated by financial terrorists, so what?  European Americans have one way or another ensured that they get to keep their guns. 

If nothing else, they'll bitterly cling.  Oh, yeah.  Actually, why not happily cling and enjoy life?

The White tribes of the North will adapt and migrate as necessary, as we always have.  Those "white people" that don't want to come along in order to avoid a "racism" or those that want more entertainment and a bonfire of their glaringly white/fair moral vanity based on displays about how African/Cecil the lion lives matter (But only if they're killed by a White hunter, not if they kill each other.  Etc.)...  will die.

They're already dead in the head already.  After all, that's why they're killing themselves.  "Liberals."  Still implicitly White.   "Conservatives."  Still, White! It's glaringly obvious to anyone that hasn't been successfully lobotomized (by you know who!) with respect to recognizing tribalism and patterns of human behavior/"conspiracy theories".

As far as I go, I've found my place with my kin.  And I am happy.  I've always been happy, even when I was trying to figure out what is wrong with the "American Dream" of a melting pot.   Now I will not accept the negative imagery that other ethnic groups (beginning with the first Minority above all the others.) continually project onto us through "the media" and "the movies."  

There are elements of truth in it.  You need stereotypes to have a show.  You need them for comedy.  You need them for the endless Jewish daily shows and more entertainment.

 Besides... Sarah Palin is, to some degree, like "white trash"...  and on and on. 

But for the most part, away from the lights of the show in the murderous Empire of Entertainment. the diverse ethnic groups that some call "white people" are not what they are portrayed to be by oligarchic ethnic enemies that wrap themselves in rainbows of fake diversity and fake tolerance.   

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