Tuesday, April 05, 2016

African mafias? Revision...

+Deo Mahno you missed his point about African tribalism where the majority seem to rally as a group around their criminals along with their innocent, equally. Or their leaders suggest yet more gang/mob violence if one of their tribe isn't killed by their own criminal gangs. I am not against tribalism and love for kin/family and therefore race/extended family groups and nations like the "African American community."

But it can all easily take a shift toward gangs at the street level and organized crime FAMILIES/tribes or mafias similar to those based on being Italian or Jewish (or other ethnic groups) at a higher level. And you have to understand that it IS based on ethnic groups and communities, which means ALL of the group. Therefore if you want to have a communal identity or tribe, then ALL do begin to share that identity. After all, this is why witless White Americans pretend not to have a community or ethnic identity as a group with Irish/German/Anglo/Slav/etc. subgroups... if they did, then they would ALL be responsible when some stupid White guy does something dumb.  (Given identities in America, White guy is sufficient... given that's the negative identity assigned to "white people" by Jews.. as well as a positive identity based on the "melting pot."  Just because it MAY have been a good model for Europeans doesn't mean that the entire world can be melted together.  "Good model" = Italian mafia, terrorism and rampant criminality based on being  ITALIAN.  But on the other hand, pizza is good.  "Nation of immigrants."  Lol.)

You want groups, then you don't want a group. We all want a group, then we don't.  You want an identity and community to be a part of, then you don't want it. Perhaps Whites are onto something with having a group implicitly but not lobbying for themselves explicitly like Africans/Hispanics/Arabs/Jews/diversity/everyone else in the world?

But given the fact that they're being diversified out of existence worldwide... maybe they're not. Maybe avoiding tribalism/"racism" at all costs is ultimately quite stupid and the height of implicitly White morality vanity.  So fair.  So just.  So fair.  So... dispossessed and dead.

In any case, instances like this show that Asians and other ethnic groups may be less likely to put up with African crap than witless Whites that don't even realize they exist as a group. The silver lining of being able to say: "Well, me just individual... being the most fair/white minded of them all! Me, White!" (etc.etc.) obviously doesn't count for much, given current trends worldwide...as all people of European descent and their diverse ethnic subgroups are targeted for "diversity"/genocide by their own governments. One thing about the total witlessness of most White people, as a group... though.. apparently they're basically never going to form ethnic mafias or street gangs. Instead, they'll keep moving to try to live among their kin. And perhaps gradually die out and be diversified, in the unlikely event that the overall plan for them goes according to plan.

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