Friday, April 08, 2016

New Germany: Pool manager gets swarmed by Muslim migrants at a pool

It's worse than this. Just a small window into what most Judeo-Christians are actively doing or passively enabling based on their anti-nationalist/anti-white crusade against "all nations."  One of the sickest examples of attempts at self-righteous suicide being John Piper.  Whatever his other merits he's fundamentally a sick and unnatural man that apparently mistakes being unnatural and illogical for acting more supernatural.

Apparently these Anglo WWII era pastors wonder why more and more people of European descent are looking for strong pagan/"Hitler!" leaders like Donald J. Trump​.  It will only get worse among younger generations that will be alienated from anti-white churches.  Chinese church, fine.  African American church, fine.  Arab Christians, fine.  European American church?  Racist.

As these trends continue European Americans will turn to nature based paganism in order to avoid the Jewish led subversion of Logic and natural revelation occurring around them now.  They've resisted the Jewish push for gay marriage and the invention of transgendered tribes some.  But that's about it.  Other than that old men like Piper that supported the Iraq war based on lies about "national" security and humanitarianism/"loooove" are telling people of European descent that it's good and godly to get their families/kin groups dispossessed and abused now.  They're Judeo-Christians that just finished supporting destroying Arab countries and terrorizing Arab nations in the name of the national security of European and European derived countries.  I haven't heard these guys put two words together about the international bankers that caused WWII while seeking to annihilate all resistance among the nations based on nationalism/"racism".  But when there's a war that justifies more debt/money being created out of nothing to finance it, then there they are supporting another war again.  When there's a political candidate speaking out against their wars and destruction of nations with migration, then there they all are.  They didn't comment on politics before.  "Me, ma moo?  Me not talk politics.  Oh, now me talk."  Etc.  Oh well, at least the chubby chaplain John Hagee is worse than Piper the seemingly suicidal parson, given that Piper doesn't add support for Jewish nationalism to top off his anti-nationalism for Europeans...  and given that Piper is supposedly "ours."  Although I'm not sure why I should identify with Piper anymore than I would identify with a Chinese or African pastor, given that Piper treats identifying with his own kin group as almost inherently evil.  Hitler seems to be the devil to these WWII parsons, not the actual Devil.  Leaving them as good/God if they defeat their actual devil, regardless of defining real Evil logically.  So defeating German nationalism/the German people is apparently one of their greatest national idols.  It should come as no surprise that this Anglo Saxon idol turns out to be suicidal and hungry for more human sacrifice if you're of German descent.  Pied Piper?      

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