Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Debating a crazy Zionist... is addressed to non-Jews who admire Jews and based on the supposed ‘contempt’ Jews have for non-Jews.

Some do, some do not… but most people that follow rabbinic thinking and secular versions of Jewish supremacy do have contempt for the goyim. Google: “not worth a Jewish fingernail” “sit like effendi and eat” “emanate from Satanic spheres” and so on.

What he has is a monomania, where every issue can be explained by The EEEEVIL JOOOOS.

Not really.

Your type goes back to Haman, lying to the Persian King about that ‘alien people’ who ‘think themselves superior and do not respect you or your laws.’

Look at Jewish culture again, apparently they are prone to preemptively murdering people based on conspiracy theories and their racist knowledge of what type of people the goyim are. These days, apparently they generally want to kill or dominate Persians again based on preemptively murdering people. On a side note, people can Google a recipe for mock cannibalism and Haman’s ears: (Hamantashen (Haman’s Ears) Cookie Recipe | SparkRecipes) (Eating Jewish: Oznei Haman (Haman’s Ears) | Jewish …), etc.

I also admire (to a point) the trick of imputing to people beliefs they don’t have and attacking those beliefs. Slick!

Next you’ll be saying that Haman’s ears and celebrating Purim are antisemitic conspiracy theories. It gets a little ridiculous. Seriously. How did babies wind up with herpes thanks to Jewish rabbis? That’s just another antisemitic conspiracy theory about Jewish blood rituals… no doubt. Google: “rabbis, herpes” And then they’re off to engage in mock cannibalism, apparently. One would think that people supposedly superior and more intelligent than everyone would come up with better forms of culture than this.

... Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is growing and their beliefs are respected.

Google: “Israelis, spitting” (Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them) Etc.

You even bring in Madeline Albright, a woman who was born a Jew but was never aware of it and whom was raised Catholic…

Rules and perceptions about tribal beliefs tend to vary, look at the original post, it’s not clear what the rules are. Google: “Cohen, not Jewish enough”

In this deconstructionist age, people make up their own facts, and there are endless ‘sources’ to draw…

Mainly because people are celebrating eating Haman’s ears based on the preemptive murder of perceived enemies of the tribe based on conspiracy theories, etc. People are beginning to leave an electronic footprint for everything that they do. The fact that Jewish blood rituals and national myths and their murderous attitude toward perceived enemies and so on is now leaving electronic footprints has little to do with some new ability to supposedly “make up facts.” The facts are what they are.

Now here’s an interesting question for this bigot. Why do you feel so threatened by Jewish success and survival?

I don’t. That seems to be projection. The success of Jews like Einstein, Israel Shahak, Norman Finkelstein, David Cole and others that do not seem to be into racism and tribalism to the same extent as anyone that takes the national myth of Haman seriously do not threaten the goyim.

But there are others, like the racial supremacists of Chabad and the Likud nuts that are a threat.

Jews getting into your peanut butter sandwiches lately?

Perhaps you should create a new tradition in which you shape the peanut butter like ears and imagine that they are mine?  Watch out, it's Haman's ears again!

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