Monday, April 27, 2015

Freedumb fries crumbs...

The frustration comes when articles and posts designed to inform and inquire become a battleground for the more rabid among us.

Given the more regional outreach of the Midlantic Dispatch, these factors must be carefully considered in web forum policy formulation.

Fortunately people are two seconds away from finding the truth out about your culture of global empire building by which you seek hegemony over the entire world. 

To turn them all into Pussy Rioting Bratz like many Americans, I suppose.  What's the point of this, again?  Apparently you can't answer that.  So one is left to imagine that you want international power over all nationalists for its own sake even when your own "nation" is hardly even a nation.  Same old, same old... when empire builders want to bring in the barbarians/terrorists to use in these wars that you want instead of using Roman/American troops, that's another bad sign.

How is Russia a threat to the EU like Soros argues publicly... when it's actually another Jew, Victoria Nuland who said "F the EU!" privately?  I can cite the video where Soros is asked about Jews working together and then he asks, "Are there any journalists present?"  (On a side note, Mr. Moseley... 1% of the population?  You believe that?  Why do so many keep changing their names?)

But in any case, where's the how and why of how Russia or "the Russians" are a threat to Americans? 

Are they working with ISIS and/or (imaginary) proxy groups Mexico?   

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