Friday, April 24, 2015

Rambling... episode 4/24

I'm aiming at the truth first (thus the rambling) and second, any young men considering volunteering for the wars that you and the murderous, oligarchic and corrupt degenerates that you favor.  (Thus the entertainment...)   Don't do it, guys!  ;-)   

If you want to be Team Captain Comic Book Hero then form a militia... I actually have a hard time feeling that's necessary.  But the Founders did say it is NECESSARY. 

What's the difference between a standing army and decentralized well regulated militias?  Apparently we've been doing the opposite of what the Founders advised as NECESSARY for a while now.  At least we still have the First and Second Amendments and some sort of an ethos left over, I guess.

Look at how pathetic our politicians are getting now:
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), contemplating a presidential run, is catching flak on social media for the following excerpt from a Wall Street Journal interview:
    On the biggest challenge facing his potential 2016 campaign:

    “The means. If I put together a finance team that will make me financially competitive enough to stay in this thing … I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America because of the pro-Israel funding. [Chuckles.] Bottom line is, I’ve got a lot of support from the pro-Israel funding.”

At LobeLog, Eli Clifton and Jim Lobe wonder if Graham crossed a line:

    Suggesting that “pro-Israel funding” may determine his choice of cabinet secretaries (as well as his policies) may make even his potential benefactors squirm just a little bit in light of the purposes to which real anti-Semites who believe “Jewish money” controls the U.S. government might put such a statement.

Good point.

Graham is not an anti-Semite.  Link
First comment from the decentralized media there:
It is not anti-semitic to be tired and wary of politicians who take Jewish organizations' money in exchange for cabinet positions and promises to put Israel's interests ahead of America's. It is PRO-AMERICAN. And anyone that does not like that is ANTI-AMERICAN. If Graham likes Israel better than the USA, he should emigrate there and see if the prime minister who appoint a Christian like him to his cabinet. Hint: no.
Seriously.  To top it all off, his Jewish masters slap him around metaphorically and say, "Do not talk about how politically powerful we are, goyim!"

Lindsey Graham aside, fight for your families in reality and not these guys at Delaware Politics or the Semites that they love so. (Whatever a Semite is, sounds bad if these guys are for socially constructing it.)

A Semite, is that what these guys are so anxious to have you be servile to and sacrifice your marriages, your families and your children for?    Is what you're doing here an aspect of being pro-Semitic, like Lindsey Graham is?  Little wonder that I'm a critic, if so.

Having Israel fight our battles for us, having Israel take the heat instead of the USA....

What are you talking about?  :-|

...having Israel take “point” in the front of the battle…..

Is that what they're doing?

On a side note, many of the same organizations that are viciously "racist" and ethnocentric when it comes to establishing Zionism for themselves and multiculturalism for the goyim also support displacement levels of Islamic immigration into America and Europe. 

How is that fighting other people's battles for them?  It looks like they're bringing their own battle with "Sand People" into all these other nations.  As the dancing Israelis put it: "We experience terrorism every day... now you know what it feels like!"

I actually don't disagree with Jewish men that want to fight for their nation.  But they suffer from the same thing that White people do, rich Whites don't live where there's "terrorism" and crime or an Islamic/Arabic immigrant raping or slicing and dicing people, as usual.    Shrug. Too much rambling...      

...that’s a pretty good deal for the USA and a pretty bad deal for Israel.

Prove it.

You guys need to stop sniveling about antisemitism/phobias/hate and start focusing on facts, logic  and evidence.  Where's the money in Russian or American politics?  Where's the power?

Facts, observations?

Supposed commentary and analysis on the Russia/Iran/Syrian axis in which you can't even say the word Zionist while Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban are sitting right there with your degenerate politicians that could be "taken out" by Zionist media outlets at any moment based on pushing a narrative of "scandals" through the corporate media into the minds of even the most brain dead American peasant....  is bunk.  People that are interested or want to know what's going on in reality will keep looking, so they'll go to that crowd funded media outlet I mentioned and leave Delaware Politics.    

Facts, observations.

Observe, 16 hours ago:
(Hillary Clinton to Visit L.A. on May 7 for Fundraisers Hosted by Steven Bochco, Haim Saban)
Variety ‎ - 16 hours ago
Haim Saban is a longtime friend of the Clintons, and pledged to help her campaign last year.
The independent media groups forming on the internet have facts, logic and evidence... while you seem to have some effete sniveling about "antisemitism."  (That is ironically incorporated in the Islamophobia model of psychological warfare that you reject when it's applied to you.) 

    There may be another Little Iran or Little Yemen incoming to America thanks to you guys.  What happens when that happens?  You're going to traipse off around the world putting your marriages at risk (Or more likely, have other people do that.) while leaving your children.  But then they walk into the "wrong part of town" like "Little Yemen" and wind up being assaulted or raped.  Because a group of people built the same exact forms of culture that you're fighting over there, over here right in our own backyard.   Observable.


It's almost as if you're more interested in empire building for global oligarchs and Zionists, yet not interested in protecting your fellow Americans, your nation and your own families first and foremost.

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