Friday, April 10, 2015

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I wonder if Nathan Abrams wishes that he hadn't stated the obvious yet. 

Obvious to anyone that is tribally aware, I suppose. 

Conservative/progressive/libertarian/"We don't exist as a group." white people are not aware.... that's why all those political parties are kosher. 

But I'll tell you this, other groups are aware of their own existence as a group as well as your own existence as a group, white people! 

Besides the fact that other groups are aware, you're merely pretending that you're not aware of the existence of tribal/racial groups of people.  Hypocrites. 

It wouldn't even matter if you could reject your own group identity by doing what Jeb Bush and Elizabeth Warren tried to do.  When it's time for Jeffrey Epstein to buy your children as a sex slave, they're White.  When it's time for them to be monetized by bankers, they're the children of goyim.  Like you, the Master Race may play pretend that groups do not exist... but their behavior as a group shows otherwise. 

Ovadia Josef just articulated it.  As for me, I have no use for their type of behavior.  I am content with:  "Grandpa walked with his children in the garden and gave them a book from his library about the God of gardens."   

I do not dream of being the ultimate parasite like Ovadia Josef did.  How silly is that?       

I don't watch the corporate/Jewish media in America anymore.  I'm not sure that any "psychologically normal" person should, in fact.  Who decided what is "psychological normal," Freud or some other Jewish supremacist?  They're really helpful to the goyim, aren't they?    

Perhaps some psychological abnormalities are apparently unavoidable due to the clueless nature of friends and family about Jewish influence.  Apparently the nature of their bread and circuses often look very mysterious to them, "Why would anyone do that?  What is this?"  Etc. 

So I tell them why peasants are behaving as they are and so forth and a few months later, "You know... I started paying attention and now I can't avoid seeing!" 

(Culture of Critique 411, Logical Reflections on Hypocrisy)

For the masses being entertained by "American" politics, "American"/Jewish entertainment, Lena Dunham... Jews, Jews, Jews... etc...  I have to imagine that the anti-white climate of hatred being incited in your own nation looks very mysterious to most of you.  Hollywood isn't necessarily "liberal," it's Jewish.

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