Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Saving something from the freedumb fries eaters...

Perhaps we have raised the bar to high for the crowd that comments here Rick.


You need to raise it higher for yourselves. 

You guys got me thinking, I grew up here and comment here out of tradition.  But I have more upvotes on a single comment on higher information content forums than you have likes on Facebook, apparently.  (???) 

...the issues we have raised are important international issues that many may feel it is to much of a challenge to their intellect to address.

You can try to hide behind the hate group speech stuff as if you're protecting Victims.

But you're the people that are supporting bombing campaigns in which children have their arms and legs blown off, you're the people that want to starve over half a million children to death again.

And those people are groups called "the Yemenis" or "the Iranians."

You can snivel about supposed victimization, give up on our traditions and censor... but you are basically a huge "hate crime" targeting huge groups of people (aka nations).




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