Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Freedumbs. 4/7 (Episode II)

How can anybody say that with a straight face unless he is trying to deceive you? I've been putting up with this 9/11 inside job, Cheney and bush lied to go to war, building 7 was rigged to blow before hand and blah blah blah blah.

The topic is false flags in general but:  This is an orange.

This is the circumstantial evidence for a bombing:  911, Israel, Van bombs and arrests, 911 truth without the Jones town kookiness
More on that evidence:  911 cover up condensed to 28mins :mainly info on the Israelis
For those with short attention spans: Iraq and 911 in Minutes

The anthrax attack pretext, more of the same sort of follow up to market War Inc. for Zionists.  Ever wonder why nothing like that has occurred again in all these years?  Not enough terrists out there? 

And this fits the overall pattern that GW is referrring to, other than the likely false confessions that were tortured out of Nazis at Nuremberg.  I wonder if he believes in the shrunken heads, the lampshades made of human skin, the human soap and other Jewish atrocity propaganda.  You know, if they didn't do all that then much of what the allies did with respect to rounding Japanese and Germans up and putting them in camps and so on would be the same thing.  So the Jews and oligarchs that incited and won World War II have to say that the Nazis were different.  And perhaps they were some.  But they weren't all that different.  After all, that's why they invited them over in Operation Paperclip and so on.
You know who may have been a little different or a little more atrocious in their "war crimes"?  The Japanese.
Curious that they were not held accountable for "war crimes" and other redundant thoughts.  There were not enough shrunken heads and lampshades made out of human skin and human soap and other Jewish atrocity propaganda used against the Germans to go around, I'd imagine.

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