Monday, March 30, 2015

Meh... seriously? More filth... it's like have a filth column in you culture.

Culture of critique for today, I noticed this show called American Horror Story but you can almost take your pick these days.

Here it is.

I don't really watch the filth that passes for "American" media that seems to be being produced by white sociopaths and/or Jewish media moguls.

I've only seen a few images but it seems to be full of "white trash" or nuns and anti-Catholic sentiments and so on and so forth.    So who produced the show this time?
Falchuk is the son of Nancy Falchuk, the national president of the American Jewish women's organization Hadassah (as of 2007).[9] Falchuk's brother, Evan Falchuk, founded the United Independent Party and was a candidate for Governor in the Massachusetts gubernatorial election, 2014....  --Wikipedia
Murphy grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, in an Irish Catholic family.[2][3] He attended Catholic school from first through eighth grade....
    After coming out as gay, Murphy saw his first therapist, who found nothing wrong with him other than being "too precocious for his own good."[2][4]   --Wikipedia
Surprise.  One likely sociopath and a Jew...   

Don't think that "being Jewish" matters or that Jewish culture doesn't play a part in these shows that begin to create "American" culture?  It matters. 

For example, try showing a young Jewish boy being tortured to death by perverted rabbis or whatever else they put in "American Horror Story."  Or put a Star of David in piss, call it "Piss Jew" and see what happens to "free speech" and "artistic expression."  See how many White suburban feminist/"liberal" moms can be turned out to support art that subverts or degrades Jewish symbols and Jewish culture instead of White and African American Christian traditions in America.  Piss, Menorah*?     

Critical Theory 101.

You'll never learn it in college!

..Serrano, alongside other artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe, became a figure whom Senator Jesse Helms, and Senator Alfonse D'Amato, as well as other cultural conservatives, attacked for producing offensive art while others, including The New York Times,[9] defended him in the name of artistic freedom.  --Wikipedia

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