Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Hopium for Change vs. Team Freedumb, Episode X

It's all quite humorous:
"The truth is clear," said Indra Madewa, the president's childhood neighbor, who played daily with the boy he knew as "Barry," a chubby American from Hawaii. "We know he's busy, but we just want to refresh his memory."
 "Facts are facts," he said. "We want to explain to the world a fact of life: Obama went to Asisi for nearly three years."
    Late last year, Thohir, who didn't know Obama, teamed with Madewa and others who did in an effort to put Asisi back on the map. They sent letters to the White House, the State Department and the U.S. Embassy and produced a video celebrating Obama's ties to Asisi. The school recently put up a big board outside his first-grade classroom; it features inspirational quotes from Obama and Saint Francis.   WashPost
Apparently he is half Kenyan, half White... from Hawaii and tends to represents a rootless cosmopolitan mentality very well, above all.

The irony is that people seem to think that he represents African Americans.

He does not.  He represents everyone and therefore nobody.  Or whatever you want to see, like an ink blot test... provided you don't look into who paid for the test or who is sitting besides the couch where everyone is talking about the feels that a lack of identity own inspires in them.  Some apparently saw him as a representative of African American slaves.  (????)   Others saw him as post-racial, until he observed racial realities and noted that if he had a son then he would look like Trayvon.

The notion of having a rootless half Kenyan, half White cosmopolitan actor from Hawaii without an identity of his own makes for good entertainment, I suppose.  There's always an identify derived from negation, as his Easter speech seems to indicate.  He seems to be a cosmo Christian to the extent that is his identity, unlike the bitter clinger/climate of change hate speech White rubes* in America that the Jewish Left shows him through their own cultural lens....  of hatred!

So, who is he? 

It's just an act that he probably hasn't figured out himself... so people still don't know!

*They have their problems.  You see it right here on this blog a lot.  But do they deserve to have a climate of hate cultivated against them by the Jewish Left (often nationalists for themselves, e.g. the Starbucks CEO, etc.etc...) and trendies/"journalists" at the NYT and so on?  

Where is the perspective?  Where is a real "cosmopolitan" and "multicultural" or a perspective drawn from multiple perspectives and not just the New York Times and New York City type of Jews' Media balance?  It's over at Fox News?  Fair/White and Balanced?

Ironically, it's not even really there.  But I haven't watched the corporate/TV media in America in a long time.  Maybe they're going to get rid of all the "neoconservative" commentary there and let white people begin to have an actual Fair/White and Balanced network that tends to represents their perspective and interests soon? 

I doubt it!  Anyway, all these media outlets are often fine in their own ways provided a "target" of their investigative journalism comports with their political and ethnic interests.  But if it does not then they spike and scrub the story (I can provide examples.) and create different narratives.

What's the Jew York Time's national narrative going to be these days?   (White, White Nazi Man Shoots Unarmed Black Man!!!)

No perspective.  No "fairness" to white people as a group... 


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