Tuesday, April 28, 2015

German Realpolitick? Sure...

You're still not discussing why you're citing this Bolshevik traitor or what you think it means, Baumgart.

He stated that it was his duty to do this as a matter of principle.
What principle?  What "principles" do you have? (????)  Lulz.... 

With respect to the constant name calling and "hate speech" stuff, actually I consider you an internationally minded war monger trying to foment yet more wars between factions again, as an individual. 

WAR.  That's the biggest incitement to a "hate crime" against large groups of people that there is in the world.   But then you snivel at me about "racism," as if you care about hurting the feelings of large groups of people.  How about this, you stop trying to foment wars, so that large groups of people don't get their feelings hurt when you bomb them or support proxy groups in the Ukraine?   


Stay on the topic, Baumgart, focus...  let's have a little discussion about this if that's what you supposedly want.  That's what you want, a discussion based on facts?  I doubt it.

You're not going to escape the internet anyway unless that Bolshevik traitor you're citing above is planning on doing away with people like Edward Snowden working for "us."

On topic, stop bombing people and trying to foment a war with Russia like you are right here.  After all, that's hate speech that may incite hate crimes against races and large groups of people, Baumgart.

"Me, ma, me.. moo, moo... my realpolitik is all about tolerance and rainbows, stop the hate!"

Like hell it's all about rainbows.

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