Wednesday, June 26, 2013


It is a HUGE family, please don't imply that business relations between a family member and the Bushes, is any thing more than just business. 
Of course, generally it's all just business... similar to organized crime, I'd imagine.

I'm not sure what people are imagining but HUGE organized crime families are often still full of "relatively normal" people that love each other and others too... except when they may occasionally have to kill people for one reason or another or create wars that kill a lot of people and so forth. Imagine it this way... when they're not being incorporated into killing people, they're often pretty nice people.

I have a suggestion to make to imaginary crime families/mafias though, if you're in one of those types of families and one of your family members has mental disabilities then it would probably be best not to have him try to play the part of the president on the political stage. There again, I still tend to like W. and most Americans did. Dubya. So there is that.

Fortunately for the Bushes, they didn't even wind up with someone playing the part of a villain in the corporate media like the Bin Ladens did. Imagine that.

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