Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Off topic...

*E.g.:  We could have trillions of petrodollars "unaccounted" for at the Pentagon or the Fed could be giving trillions to foreign banks and it's still not "significant" until people begin to believe it is or focus on it.  (You have to give the modern owners of temples/banks this, apparently they've established the largest faith based system to have ever existed on the planet.)  The interesting thing about the NSA spying on basically everything is that it would open the door to insider trading possibilities and possibly lead to elements of the military industrial complex being a powerful faction for many reasons.  Seems unlikely that anything leads to having more power than maintaining the ability to create money/debt out of nothing, though.  Things might get interesting if what seems to amount to Wallstreet's business deal with the Pentagon/military industrial complex that infuses the bankster's "federal reserve notes" with value and so forth broke down for some reason.  A satire: "We just finally got new computers and figured out that we owe this much national debt/money?  Oh, do we.  Well, send the navy to the private banking islands where people keep putting their wealth... there's probably some '''''money'''''' there!" 

Not going to happen, it'll probably be a lot "messier"* for the average person in America and may even involve a lot of destruction if some of these old networks of wealth and the idea of monetizing the entire planet (and the labor and existence of everyone on it) breaks down at some point (before it finally happens in the end anyway.)   

*Especially the auxiliaries themselves, as they fight for a ruling class:  March of the Bonus Army
The Whiskey Rebellion  (After all, who did they owe their "money"/debt to? Who owed what to who, again?)

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