Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hits off of Zerohedge?

...wish I could comment there among people that seem more intelligent than usual.  Apparently "conspiracy theorist" isn't enough of a resume?

Sometimes I get tired of commenting places where people are usually just too ignorant and then I wind up writing to myself to have something to read.  But the Zerohedge zealots usually know what they're talking about even if many there tend toward the "right wing" or psychopathic side of the symbolic bird of prey that governs us all.

Shrug.  If the ritualistic aspects of 9 "11" are any measure then they'll have to wait a while on their investments.*  First the Right will collapse, then the Left... then the Center and the seat of wisdom will hold for longer than expected... and then it will be a Brave New World.  I.e. the United States that our Masonic founders built based on balancing the pillars of the Right and the Left in the brains between our temples will become more of a global, United State, united by trade.  It's happening already. 

I suspect that I'll have gone the way of the Dodo long before things really begin to go south, though.   
*Silver and gold are still denominated in dollars and the banksters have a controlling interest in that form of economic language too, don't they?  Yes, it would limit them in the sense that they would have to deal with the physical world again and they might not be able to work with corrupt politicians to monetize the entire planet and the air we breath and so forth as quickly.  But other than that, wouldn't "full faith and credit" in the symbolic source of their power remain?  Shrug.  I could be wrong.

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