Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Metabunk, off topic...

It's interesting that many investigative journalists outside of America's corporate/mass media wind up in foreign nations. I could compile a list beginning with Max Keiser, Ry Dawson, etc. But basically, one could say it's in "our" collective interests to have the CIA assassinate them without trial and so forth.

The fact that it's possible to say that perhaps they should be assassinated (by the Company Inc.) reminds me of an interview with the whistle blower Catherine Austin Fitts, where she noted to a group of "activists" that if they took all the corruption and drug money away from the banksters and financial terrorists that it would be their 401Ks that collapsed in value and so forth. They may be the private banking cartel's "federal reserve notes" but apparently "their" money denominates "our" debt as American citizens*. Etc. So she asked them would they stop it all, if they could. And only a few hands were raised then... and that was among a group of activists taking an interest in it. Meanwhile, Honey Boo Boo America is busy with the business of trampling an individual to death at Walmart.** Stampede! And yet I'm to be blamed for being sarcastic about the herd or constantly slipping into writing satires, I suppose.

*So if the birther conspiracy types are correct, then Obama and illegal aliens may be a few of the only free men in America! Just kidding. Everyone is in debt no matter what side of the coin is flipped... because that's just the way money/debt is.

**Nothing against the herd or trying to form a better herd, I guess... after all, it's always made up of individuals too. But there again, maybe I do have something against all herds.

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