Friday, June 28, 2013

Metabunk 6/28

[Sheesh... this ramble really needed some work.  Maybe I'll go back through it... but probably not.]

Problem is, when people begin with this skeptic/metabunk vs. bunk (or conspiracy theorist tribes vs. coincidence theorist tribes stuff) instead of beginning with science and the empirical and experimental evidence while being open to crossing from one tribe to another then they aren't real "truthers" or real skeptics and debunkers. I'm not sure what the big deal is in the minds of many is with respect to using their imaginations is, though. It's not like one individual on the internet switching tribes or crossing back and forth is going to change the entire world before they go the way of the Dodo. So why not focus on all the evidence and begin by being open to all possible theories, no matter what tribe the information/"evidence" comes from?

After all, even "criminal" tribes/gangs or the organized gangsters who pay PR firms to lie for them and intelligence services to manipulate perceptions for them could be right about a lot... even if they're "usually" lying.  Even conspiracy theorists that never met a pattern that they couldn't imagine being totally true could be right... even if they're "usually" crazy.  And even coincidence theorists that never saw an artifact of sentience that they couldn't imagine as a collection of random dots arranged by happenstance could be right...  actually, no they couldn't.  Hah.  They're the only people that you can be certain are wrong.  Based on a way of thinking that's been given to them in modern times, such as it is, you could do this based on your own ordered brain events emerging from a void of nothing but chaos... """""randomly."""""  Imagine that!

All is Number”. ― Pythagoras 

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