Friday, June 28, 2013

Metabunk 6/28 (2)

[QUOTE]Why put this in water supplies at all??[/QUOTE]

There's no real answer to that, other than people are easily incorporated into having a Nazi Inc. mentality.  At least we already have the symbol of the fasces on the Right and the Left in Congress, huh?  Kind of ironic, given that some Americans originally thought fluoride was a Communist plot instead of an artifact of their own corporatism.  "Communism" and "Fascism" are some pretty wide categories themselves, generally produced by Masonic networks and members of the ruling class that like to pose for pictures with their "hidden hand" and so forth.  Right or Left hand... I mean, political group... it doesn't matter.  It's the magic of perceptions among "the base" that matter.   

[QUOTE]I don't understand why there's any debate...[/QUOTE]

There probably shouldn't be, really.  But I think you'll find that many "scientific" debates can be manufactured with the best PR that money can buy. 

Meanwhile, if people are actually interested in dental health and have come to the collective conclusion that they're saving their teeth by drinking minute amounts of industrial waste and so forth then they should take a look at the empirical work of Weston Price.  Because it's not as if indigenous people groups all had cavities or necessarily had their teeth fallout before people living in cities came to the collective conclusion that everyone should drink minute amounts of toxic substances to save their teeth and so forth.


Maybe after people in the Big Apple of the forbidden fruit ban sodas that are too big to drink, then the city dwellers* teeth can be saved?  Or is the thinking that dumping minute amounts of fluoride in the water used to make the sodas... saving teeth?  People.  The crowd.  Can't live with them and can't live with them... no wonder we all have to go the way of the Dodo eventually.

*Some might think it better to be a shepherd and a herdsman like Able, than a city builder like Cain with his agriculture... huh?  I can't believe that modern builders and rulers of civilization actually built a statue of Liberty/Lucifer next to the Big Apple to look down with baleful eyes on 911 and so forth.  Of course, a "they" or group of conspiratorial masterminds hardly even exist.  An entity like that doesn't need to "exist," as there seems to be a the group mind based on the choices of how you're incorporated into things and share communion with others, I'd imagine.  There's no escaping the group and spiritual realities either way, it would seem.  Anyway, still not sure about the brilliant idea of building things the way people do... is the One World Trade Tower scheduled to be finished soon?  Or is that on July 4th, as patriotic as the idea of One World in a United State is among both neocons and neoliberals these days... in these old, so old... United States? 

You know, Luciferianism and the Illuminism of "light bearers" and all that would just be entertainment and new age mumbo jumbo... until  a new type of order emerged from the chaos/"mumbo jumbo."  But in the meantime, why do city dwellers and "rock stars" and so forth usually seem to like entertaining themselves with Satanism, anyway?  Aren't there other forms of entertainment, other works of art and statues that could be built and so forth? 

When it's all just entertainment nothing can be taken seriously, except when it's time to pay and sacrifice to produce the show.   

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