Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Metabunk 6/25

Facts are not necessarily conclusive of anything by themselves but the interpretation of the facts is what counts...

I suspect that some people would rather imagine that facts are the equivalent of a theory or will "naturally" give rise to a theory on their own.  This is the opposite of Newton's view, as he viewed the Cosmos as a cosmic cryptogram.  Yet the "natural" view seems to be the mentality of those who believe in the "order out of chaos" creation myths that emerged out of the Masonic and secret society networks of the Darwins that helped produce the eugenics movement and some of the first scientific dictatorships and so forth.  Interesting that modern creation myths themselves happen by happenstance to protect anyone that is conspiring... given that everything is often said to be explicable in terms of chance/chaos/nothing according to proponents.  It seems to me that this "order out of chaos" mentality leads to a huge blind spot with respect to recognizing intelligent agency or the fact that organisms usually "conspire" or camouflage the fact that they're sentient with the perception that they're not in order to prey on others or avoid being preyed on and so on and so forth.  Everything that is sentient "conspires," seems to me.


It seems to me that we need better conspiracy theories built up by "skeptics" in order to try to understand what's going on in the world.  But that would mean that the skeptics would have to be capable of being real skeptics on the one hand (Left?) and theorists (Right?) on the other, almost simultaneously.  You can get your hands mixed up sometimes... and then it's hard to remember which side of "the base" is symbolic or right.  "Fool me once..."  --W.   Could Bush read and write, right?

  Anyway... I'm glad he didn't wind up as a scapegoat, even if he was apparently left to read about Pet Goats by "right wing" zealots and so forth.

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