Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Metabunk, Sandy Hook

It does seem odd that Lanza apparently "fell off the face of the earth" about three years before and so forth.  Shrug. The "official story" or the "official report" is still probably correct... or at least more correct than NWO aliens sacrificing kids in something along the lines typical to ancient pyramid schemes or whatever is on Youtube. 

I wonder if the mainstream media just reported on the knife attack in China around the same time because it resonated with sensationalistic stories at the time or if there's something to the ancient "astro logic" of "shared sacrifices."  Is the real ruling/measuring class of the world is demanding a shared sacrifice again?

Shrug... we wouldn't know if they were.  At least we're not like the Aztecs, misled by priests into thinking that we can move the sun across the sky with our sacrifices and so forth.  Apparently we content ourselves with "saving the planet," instead of engaging in the hubris of thinking that we can save the sun.... unlike those who thought that the earth was flat.*


*Although, you do have to wonder how they could encrypt the dimensions of the earth into their monuments if they were totally monuments to ancient forms of ignorance as many modern priests of knowledge would like people to believe.

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