Thursday, June 27, 2013

Metabunk 6/27 (2)

Something that might be hard for you and other utterly "flat minded" people living within the current pyramid scheme to imagine. 

Decent, good, honest, caring... but still, simple minded. 

Yet imagine if you were ultimately going to be like the "Most High" and sit at the top of the pyramid scheme to rule/measure a world of evil, then you might need to become one of the least of these within it to acquaint yourself with being simple minded too.  We usually don't have leaders or a "Prince of Peace" that has done that, not in the least.  There's a lot of mythologies and a lot of PR* and so forth and sometimes people imagine it happening but it usually doesn't really happen.   It's probably used in PR because people know that it might be a good idea or model to try to follow.  Idealists. 

Too bad it usually doesn't even come close to happening in reality, though.  And when it does, the people that really moved toward making it happen on this side of the heavens usually wind up dead and crucified and so forth.  Just saying. 

*E.g. Obama representing a slave becoming the ruler and so forth, almost like the fruition of MLK's dream of the Promised Land that he could almost see for a slave born race.  People seemed to love that.  They always do, at least until they begin grumbling.  There they are now, entertain them.  Maybe that type of pattern will even be more real than it's ever been before in reality again, some day.  But in the meantime, people love to be entertained with the archetypal imagery produced based on patterns of that sort.

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