Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Youtube comment...

If it's of no benefit to be anti-White and to seek out different identities (African, Native American, everything but White/diversity) then why did Rachel Dolezal pretend to be Black? Why is someone in this video invoking their Native American heritage while disdaining their White heritage. Do they like the idea of living in huts and teepees or do they like their GPS, microwave, cell phone, internet, Youtube, electricity, Tesla inventions and stuff that White people have done?

 The culture that Jews/Hollywood created in America is anti-White because from their perspective Whites are Nazis/racists. That's a part that no other ethnic group plays in most of the plays/books/literature/comic books/movies created by Jews. How witless do other ethnic groups (aka diversity/"people of color"???) have to be in order to turn a blind eye to the fact that all (soon to be former) White majority countries have a culture that's ANTI-WHITE?

So the reason that some White guy of European descent in this video is trying to focus on his Native American identity/ancestry and not his European identity/heritage is because the culture is anti-White.  There isn't "white supremacy" in majority White countries.  If there was, then he would want to be White.

This anti-White culture is due to a minority that hates Whites/"Nazis"/"racism" creating endless books/movies. A Jewish minority with high verbal acuity (A minority that fancies itself above all other "minorities," just look at their own behavior and ethnic state.) is cultivating an anti-White/"Nazi" culture in academia.

The next time people of European descent resist being ethnically cleansed by the Jews/"Communists"/"liberals"/whatever (usually just some Jews being Jews again...) that have conglomerated on the nerve centers of their body politics as a "thank you" note for fighting WWI and WWII against Germans largely at the behest of Jewish nationalists/"Zionists" allied with Jewish globalists/"Communists"? (Aka "The Allies") "Nazism"... again.

That's their biggest fear, Europeans/White people resisting the establishment of Jewish supremacy again. Apparently it doesn't occur to many in a certain "minority" to ask WHY they're being gradually beginning to be identified and resisted by their host/majority population, once again.

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