Friday, February 26, 2016

Random comment... insight.

Jews are neurotic about the physical differences that distinguish them from others, denying that such differences exist or are significant while discussing them at length and spending great deals of money to surgically alter themselves... As White power has declined and Jewish power increased, some Jews no longer see the value in trying to pass for White... 

Hairsplitting, a “Talmudic” tendency toward tedious arguments, is another key Jewish characteristic. In the context of Judaism the need arises out of contradictions created by Jewish dishonesty [and subconscious hypocrisy] about who they are and what they believe. The most important argument for Jews revolves around the question: “What is good for the Jews?”. Much confusion is created by their own attempts to disguise, deny, or otherwise explain this away... Jewish morality plus Jewish identity equals a license for Jewish aggression against non-Jews. The first half of the equation is the notion that Jews are “permitted to stop” whomever or whatever they perceive as a “mortal danger” “by any means necessary-even if that means killing”. The second half is that Jews think constantly of themselves in terms of suffering and persecution! – past, present and future... Jews perceive themselves in perpetual “mortal danger”, thus justifying their perpetual aggression against others...

 In a nutshell Purim is the celebration of the triumph of Jews over their enemies. Specifically, it is a victory achieved by means of deception, seduction and exploitation of others – whereby a single wiley crypto-Jewess manipulates one group of Goyim into warring on another group of Goyim in the service of Jewish interests. The moral of the story and righteousness of it all rests upon the Jewish license noted above: proactively exterminating “mortal dangers” “by any means necessary”.

These are the traditions and customs of ethnic chameleons that have built up a rogue nuclear armed state.  Which is led by people that quite literally have a cartoon understanding of the world and the "Goyim always out to exterminate us all!  So we better kill them before they kill us!!!"  CARTOONS!!!!!  Loony TUNES!!!!  Meh. 

Meanwhile, apparently most "goyim" are twiddling their thumbs... perhaps waiting for this crap to turn into a nuclear "another 911"?  Seriously.  You may have to get called a "Nazi"/racist/antisemitic to resist these people, the minority victim group that is above all others.  That generally has supremacy and power over all others.  You may have to resist these people.  Not just for some Palestinian "goyim" that implicitly White liberals and single "liberal" women similar to Rachel Corrie* like to focus on once they realize: "Say???  Jews???  Maybe if I call them Zionists?"

You may have to resist these people for the sake of your own nation too.

*(The milk almost shoots out of my teats just thinking about the poor of some OTHER group!  Ok, just kidding.  I care about protecting my own kin from Jewish nutters first.  Although I do think the results of Jewish behavior result in terrible injustices among other groups also.  I'm against that too.  But each group/tribe of multicultural "goyim" has their own fight.)      

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