Monday, February 29, 2016

Muslim woman decapitates a four year old White girl... wanders around shouting Allahu Akbar, etc. Comment on that.

Yet, the oligarchs and empire builders and elite Jews (the usual suspects some call "globalists) will continue to refuse to "stereotype" ethnic groups that are Muslim. Because that messes up their business deals. That messes up their increasingly worthless ponzi schemes. That supposedly messes up "growing the economy" by integrating nations.

They've exchanged their increasingly worthless international ponzi for the priceless indigenous people/nations living in the land.

The Russians. The British. The French. Their internationally minded elites and the Jewish establishment (Hypocritical nationalists for themselves, by the way.) are all trying to sell and monetize the nations in international "markets"/banks at the same time. Apparently they're too short sighted and greedy to see where this leads, back to nationalism. If they weren't all trying to sell out their people at the same time, then it probably would have happened somewhere already. 
And once it happens somewhere, then other national groups usually begin to wonder why they're still being sold out by their own oligarchic empire builders that preach "diversity"/internationalism and "tolerance"/passivity in the face of death to them.

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