Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Comment on the Jewish Right....

So... don't alienate Jews like Ben [Shapiro]?

Because that's what a lot of white people are doing [including me!]. 

It's hard not to, when the Jewish Left is doing what they do and the Jewish Right generally only supports nationalism among people of European descent when their own tribal interests are put or focused on first. Not that I blame the Jewish Right/"Zionists"/high IQ people like Ben for that. But I do blame them for the hypocrisy of maintaining tribal/ethnic nationalism for themselves while treating all instances of it among white people as the equivalent of "Nazism." Your/our ethnic interests may align or they may not. But the fact that they may not align is seldom admitted. If more Jews would use their traditionally high Talmudic/legalistic verbal IQs to recognize that, instead of wetting their pants everytime they think they see "Nazism"/European nationalism, then we would probably all be better off.

He seems coming at it from the perspective that people aren't or shouldn't be tribal. And that's false. In fact, that abstraction/dream/play/speech/movie is usually just a psychological tool that people use in ethnic activism for their own family/tribe/nation.

"I have a dream. .." that other people will not be tribal. Yadda, yadda. But, wait for it... " that my children/ tribe will have a better life."

Because in reality, people are tribal.

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