Monday, February 29, 2016

Culture and Race

Lol... about 11 minutes in: "Look at engineering schools, a lot of Asians and Whites and Jews..." Oh. But not many Somalis or Aborigines? When you track across the globe from the White or Asian tribes of the North to the black tribes of the South it does make a difference. It's a range. But when you're living in a world in which the White tribes of the North are being diversified out of existence (e.g. Germans, again) at the behest of Jewish bed wetters that view Nordics/Norman/Northmen as "Nazis" (or a proto-Nazi threat among the "goyim"/tribes) then it's all going to begin to make a difference. Would it matter if every Swede was replaced with Australian Aborigines? YES. Stop denying that genetics matter. You're supposedly so hard minded and logical (And whatever you're a mix of, that probably matters too.) when dealing with the role of Jewish nationalism and Jewish tribalism in the world but you're going soft on this.

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