Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lol... the local Left.

I think I may be beyond the Right and Left. 

Why do we know so little about the Kalamazoo mass shooter?

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He shot and killed six people on Saturday. Do you know his name? It is Jason Dalton. I had to look it up. Basically, we don’t know squat about the guy other than the fact that he was an Uber driver. Can it be because he is “lone wolf” white guy?

Yeah, probably.

But guess what?  It doesn't matter.  Compare this to different ethnic groups.  For instance, imagine that there was any sort of a pattern (like ethnic jihadis) of some White guys/gangs going around in Japan shooting people in the name of their ethnic/religious group.  That would be a "national" story that THE JAPANESE as a group would be interested in.  Their media would report on it, etc.  Because they're a nation.  They're not White, they're Japanese. It would be an interesting news story.  But some Japanese guy doing the same exact thing wouldn't be a story.  (Are we in grade school?  These "liberals" can't see what makes the "national" news?  What is a nation?  WHO is a nation?) 

One aspect of the difference in news coverage is that there's a huge difference between having an ethnic identity (like being an Arab) as well as a group ideology that justifies violence against other groups (like Islam does) and being a lone nutter within the majority ethnic group.  So there's also a difference between a White guy going out and mass shooting Africans (a hate crime directed at a group) with the intention of inciting tribalism and a lone White guy shooting his own group.  (Group, group, groups... these anti-White "liberals" love groups until they're looked at logically, in context.)

On a side note, "liberals" that make a virtue out of failing to see their own ethnic group in the name of "equality" because their group exists and they actually do see it are as lily White as a whitey white boy.  (They fail to see their own ethnic group, day after day.  Indeed, they make a fair/white minded virtue of it.  Equality.  All is equal. But suddenly they can see other ethnic groups at will, whenever they're poor little victims.  Can you almost feel the liberal milk pouring out your teats?) 

Lol.  At least it's humorous.  But it's no joke when witless Whites begin to attack their own ethnic group above all (Unless they're Jews, given that pretending to be White while trying to diversify White people out of existence is a favorite activity among that group of ethnic chameleons.) while pretending that they don't see groups in the name of "equality"/Communism and "diversity"/liberalism/gayness/whatever. 

I.e. witless Whites are usually repeating whatever the Jewish Left (That maintains their own group interests and ethnic state, above the multicultural melting pot.) has programmed these implicitly White nutters with. The "diversity/equality" White Left is basically as illogical and nutty as the White Judeo-Christians that support Jewish nationalism/Zionism. 

It's actually quite sad to see people of European descent, those that built the First World, do all this.  Whether it's a White Christian rube feverishly supporting Jewish nationalism or an implicitly White Bernie Sanders voter explicitly voting for the Jewish Left instead of the usual "liberal"/diverse goyim golem fronts for Jewish oligarchs.

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