Tuesday, February 02, 2016


I'm not sure why liberals hate White evangelicals so much, other than MSM/Jewish influence.

One, they're usually very easily handled by saying racist.  Then they wet their pants while trying to hide behind whatever Black man they can find.  Two, they're ultimately in fundamental agreement with egalitarianism and an absence of nationalism.  Not even that, really.  In the process of rebelling against their natural instincts and love for their own kin  (As if that is the essence of being more spiritual, just as the liberal considers defeating nationalism moral.) they become as bad as liberals for our people.

The result in Iowa was extremely tight. The big news is not that Cruz won, though – it’s that the caucus attracted a record evangelical turnout. It’s the result of this turnout that almost guarantees a Trump win in New Hampshire.

Tonight’s real news is that Donald Trump comfortably won the moderate vote and still picked up a great deal of the evangelical vote. Cruz, however, only achieved 9% of the moderates, and 19% of the ‘somewhat conservative’ vote.Link

The weird thing is the involvement of Glenn Beck, a Mormon "Americanist" that has generally made American dreams into a religion.  (Always MLK dreams and abstractions or apocalyptic gibberish, not reality.*)

Apparently this illustrates that many kosher white people are going to behave this way (Rebelling against or denying their own ethnic interests.) no matter what for now. 

From secular Swedes trying to ethnically cleanse and diversify themselves out of existence to a crazy "religious" person like Beck going off on Trump for supporting the ethnic interests of or trying to protect people of European descent from diversity, it all amounts to the same thing.  More failure.  So the "angry white guy" demographic will be back next year, probably wondering why he is angry again.  Until the herd shifts based on group dynamics, even if some witless white wonders don't realize that their behavior is usually based on being part of an ethnic group.
*Glenn Beck uses his program to regularly accuse Iran of trying to unleash apocalyptic chaos to usher in their Twelfth Imam, a messianic figure in Shiite Islamic eschatology that Beck associates with the Antichrist. But Beck is not content to project the nihilistic apocalyptic fantasies of his cohorts onto Iran; as of late, he has set his sights on Russia.

Like Hal Lindsey and John Hagee, Beck has posited Russia, along with China, as being “the alliance of Gog and Magog.” Beck, childishly babbling and crying his way through his pseudo-history presentations, also never misses a chance to suggest that Russian president Vladimir Putin is a new Hitler seeking to carry out a thousand year old plan for Russian fascist domination. Alt Right

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