Friday, February 12, 2016

Looks like the wrong advice from a local Jew, again... and this is from a local blog that's supposed to be a forum for intelligent commentary. Lol...

No surprise that this is the wrong advice, as implicitly White rage rises worldwide...  as it should.    
Listening to the Democrat debate, it is clear that they are positioning themselves to own the law enforcement debate.
This will not only solidify the African American vote with the ["]highly influential["] “Black Lives Matter” movement [Who cares?], but also a large percentage of the “unaffiliated”, undecided, and Libertarians.(remember that you don’t just get the African American vote when you appeal to African Americans)
The Republican nominee cannot allow the Democrats to own the law enforcement debate and claim it as their platform. This worries me some because Trump is very pro law enforcement…..he’s a cop guy. Hopefully his paid flunkies know the importance of this positioning early on.

His positioning in the current ethnic ecology is probably fine.  For example, if there is more Muslim/Brown people terrorism then he wins.  If there is more African crime and BLM obnoxious behavior, same thing.  If the MSM/Jewish media influence continues to wane, then he wins.

Jewish thinking usually tends to be focused on minorities and coalition building among tribal minorities that they perceive as themselves, as if everyone has (or should have) a Jewish minority/coalition mentality instead of focusing on the majority for once.  (Ironically many of the minorities that they're obsessed with actually see Jews as "the other white meat.")

As far as Trump goes, I would note that the MAJORITY of Africans/Mexicans/Muslims vote for strong men (far more buffoonish too) in their own countries.  So there's no guarantee that they'll mind Trump that much or prefer an effete white cuck like Bush (seems to have literally married a Mexican midget?  Seriously!) or a robotic "minority" Hispanic like Rubio.  (Why isn't a "Hispanic" part of the Spanish/European/oppressor group according to Jews... oh no, no, his minority identity is probably being oppressed by his Euro/majority identity... like Obama!)

 Supposed minority groups may snivel and moan and all this stuff, as if the MAJORITY of them weren't going to vote along ethnic lines.  Yet, there's a minority in there that may respect a strong white man and implicitly/primally realize that their ethnic interests align with "making America great again" anyway.  What is in the interests of a Black nationalist?  More oligarchic internationalism? More support for "globalism" or Jewish nationalism?

Even if they can't articulate it, people often understand their ethnic interests in a primal way.  So don't be surprised if Trump pulls away some of the "minority"/majority vote that Clinton wants to use to get power.  She will get most of it.  Perhaps more than Sanders, ironically.  But Trump doesn't need most of it, given that the country is still majority White. 

It may be that Trump cares about the American people (including minorities) more than the Clinton crime family does. Who knows.

Anyway, bad advice...  probably from a Jew. Hopefully Trump's Jewish advisers/lawyers/media people know better.  It would seem that they do. 

Or perhaps he doesn't need as many Jewish handlers, advisers and donors as someone like Marco "the robot" Rubio.  (Literally, a goy Golem?)  Rubio is exactly what many people are sick of, more processed...  kosher candidates.               

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