Friday, February 26, 2016

Comments, comments... discussing things with a Jewish ethnic activist.

11:11 AM
You're not the same as every other ethnic group.  Other groups usually aren't taught that everyone hates and wants to exterminate them for no reason at all.  But you are.  You go to Auschwitz and learn that Germans were trying to exterminate all of you in "gas chambers" while trying to turn others into soap and lampshades.

The Japanese do not come to America and learn about the camps that they were put while being told CRAZY stories about gas chambers, attempted extermination or being made into soap and six million lampshades. (????)  Nor are they getting vast amounts of money from Americans based on defamatory stories about their internment camps in Americans.

Nor are the Japanese saying that they have a right to bulldoze or occupy portions of California because their ancestors once wandered across that land or lived there according to some books written by.. Japanese people.  And on and on.

You are not behaving just like all other ethnic groups in the post WWII world.  There are any number of differences. Beginning with the fact that you treat all critical views of your ethnic group and culture as the equivalent of hatred from the "goyim" or perhaps an attempt to exterminate all of you down to the last woman and child.

Which is almost as ridiculous as believing that "Nazis"/Germans tried to turn your ancestors into kosher soap and lampshades.  Although that would give a whole new meaning to being a "light unto the nations," I suppose.
11:19 AM
Of course there's good and bad in any ethnic group.  Now what?  So what?  Does that mean that there have never been ethnic groups that are worse than others?  Does that mean that "the English" never did anything wrong as a group, given some of the individuals in their group were good people?  What is/was colonialism, if not one group colonizing another?

Shifting away from the criticism of cultures and groups while simultaneously insisting that you need a Jewish culture and a Jewish State for... well, Jews as a group.. is dishonest.  You seem like a decent person as an individual.  That's fine.  That's great.  I wouldn't jump to "hatred" like you have against those that you perceive as the "goyim."  You're probably a decent individual, as you say.

But you're intent on defending a group that isn't exactly behaving like the best group of people in the world, a "light unto the goyim" as some in your group might insist. You want to be a light?  Then shine it on yourselves first.  You could begin with some old defamatory stories that you've told about the Germans, as a group.  A group that your group (of good and bad individuals... seemingly too many are bad.. ) gets money from...

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