Thursday, February 04, 2016

And... not kosher.

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Seems like there's barely contained glee in this article, as the "dumb goyim" (white trash vs. lunatic Muslims) are set against each other.
But what do you expect on a site based on some movie about the "dumb white goyim" made by Jews:
A Hollywood producer behind films like “Fight Club,” “Pretty Woman,” “12 Years a Slave” and the upcoming “Noah” has just revealed another interesting line on his resume: Israeli intelligence operative.  Link
One about the dumb white goys fighting each other instead of focusing on the Tribe subverting their nation, one romanticizing a shiksa/whore/unclean European woman... and then one about the international slave trade generally caused by Jews but continually blamed on the European "goyim" that eventually abolished slavery.
That about covers it.  And he was arming a rogue nuclear state full of Talmudic supremacists of all sorts in the meantime.
Applause all around?

In any case, you will never see an article on Zerohedge that frames dumb Jews the same way that these dumb white people were just framed.
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Several of the 'Tyler's' are most certainly Jewish.
Jews are the most inbred people on earth. Fuckers are all like third cousins and shit. It's why they have so many messed up diseases that are specific to them. But instead, we get some fairy tale about their intelligence which of course, is a mask for their nepotism.
But then you know this brother. First bump.

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