Friday, February 19, 2016

A few long comments...

Feb 17, 2016
+Dina Katz You've endlessly defamed Germans, arguing that they turned Jews into soap. Saying that they made Jews into lamp shades. Saying that instead of signing off on the Transfer Agreement with Jewish nationalists in order to try to get rid of Jewish Communists seeking to foment a revolution in their country where millions more "goyim" would die just as they did in the Soviet Union, they had a policy of "exterminating" all Jews. If they wanted to exterminate all Jews and turn them into soap, then why did the Transfer Agreement among German and Jewish nationalists exist? 
You don't even realize what you're lying about, given the level of defamation and lies that your own group (American Jews/bankers and Communist Jews on the other side) told about Germans after your group helped to incite a world war. What happened in general is that when you (the "Allies") bomb supply lines then people starve. So when soldiers pull up to an internment camp, the people there are all in the same state of starvation. 
The same exact thing would have happened to the Japanese interred in America if the Japanese successfully bombed everything. The Japanese in the camps would have starved. Then the Japanese liberating the camps would have observed starving people. Although it's unlikely that they would have argued that the Americans were trying to make them into soap.
Dina Katz
Yesterday 1:12 AM
My dear, you are pathetic!
Boring, boring, boring! .
The old face of the anti semitism.
Well, historical expert.
Do you know that we are one of the minorities.
You, poor, anti simitists,don't even know what else to invent to defame our name.
Someone wrote here that Lenin was Jew, it 's a lie. Yes if we' re talking about Communists, in Revolution of 1917 participated many Jews, but they were minority, most of them rejected Judaism and know why? Even Karl Marks was bautizado because of the anti semitism. Stalin, Jruschov, Bregnev and other weren't Jews . Millions were dessapeared, killed in USSR, guess what, not by Jews.
Know something, that Jews in USSR suffered, suffered a lot? they were forced many times to change their family name,their identity, they couldn't be accepted in the universities, only a very small group of Jews.
Did I defame the name of Germans, ridΓ­culo!!!
Germans for your knowledge, pay every year to the Jewish survival families for their suffering and lost during the second war. My mother is survival, she receives payment every year from Germany. What does it mean? A yee, Germany accepted their huge crime. And not just because they pay, because they say it every time, that they sorry.
Do you know how many sientists Jewish people gave you, how many inventions they do every year? Your cell phone, flash memory ,waze , Iron Dome, yes Iron Dome. Ext.
I respect every body, I wrote the facts, you and your friends here dont respect, you try to change history, and unfortunatly believe in it. I respect even you, although the fact that you sound like some spoiled boy /girl, men, /women, sitting there and laughing about our tradegy. I respect Germans, because you can be stuck with your tradegy, but to go on you have to forgive.

We 're not talking about Communists or Chingis Khan. 😊😘
Good luck.
Am Israel Chai πŸ’™πŸ”―πŸ’™πŸ”―πŸ’™πŸ”―
Yesterday 9:51 AM
Who pays the survivors of the Holodomor that was created by Jews like Yagoda?  Who pays all the German women that survived Dresden and the rape of Germany incited by Jews like Ilya Ehrenburg?  Who pays the Palestinians now, as the tribal Jewish behavior that causes what you perceive as "antisemitism" begins again and again.  You want to remember Einstein and have him in your tribe.  You don't want to remember Yagoda or have your tribe pay reparations.  Note the behavior of your group producing what you perceive as "antisemitism" among the "goyim"/gentiles once again.

It would have been better for your group if Jewish leaders/bankers/oligarchs financing "goyim golems" around the world had simply paid Palestinians for their land directly.  Buy them all out.  How much money has been spent on endless lobbies/politics/military?  It's ridiculous.  Just buy enough of them out (Perhaps sell some F35s given to your group by the United States golem, etc.).  But instead you invoke these tribal mythologies, written by your own socially constructed group (anyone that converts to Judaism)... and "Holocaust" cartoons.  (No mention of the Transfer Agreement among different nationalists.  Absolutely zero Jewish responsibility, supposedly that tribal conflict was all German.  Zero tribal responsibility on your part for what people in your ethnic group did.  Yet, then you want to claim people in your tribal group like Einstein.  Basically everything good is in your Tribe and everything bad isn't.  Very childish.)

  History matters because you, as a group, say "never again" without looking at your own tribal behavior and the nature of the ridiculous cartoons and stories that people who think of themselves as Jews keep on telling each other.  Surely, when you tell these ridiculous cartoon stories among yourselves you recognize that SOMETHING may be amiss?  You don't  honestly think that other members of your tribe would never lie, do you?

Apparently you want all good Jews to be included in your ethnic group but then you take zero tribal responsibility for any number of Jewish terrorists/Communists and assorted Jewish criminals throughout history.  Many of which have probably been motivated by and gotten their identity from the criminal religion of Judaism.   Little wonder that they had to change their names so many times.  You blame the "goyim" for that?

Oh well.  Good luck.  I can't help but be glad that I'm not a member of your group.  Although I totally understand why you would want your group/tribe to be everything good and nothing at all bad. Basically a God to you, it would seem.
Dina Katz
Yesterday 11:56 AM
Again, read the title
So boring your hatefull , obsessive, antisemitic speach.
I'm so happy you are not part of us. All you know is obsessive hate to a one not too big group. I'm so happy that Chingis Chan or, Napoleon or whoever weren't Jews or they were? πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜±
By the way Palestinians live on humanitarian help from you, from me, from Israel, from all the world. It's a shame that they never got over having us as a neighbor. They choose to attack us over and over. They decided not to develop theirself, not to plant trees, not to educate to love, to respect...
We got over it, my mom doesn't have the keys of her house, asking the people who probably live in her house in Rumania give her back this house, the same my father in Ucraina, we got over it, difficult to forgive, but what is most important is not to forget. Never again is never again. We 've back to our country.
Your help to Palestinians to bring them weapon, bring them cement to built tunnels to kill us, to attack us.
History never was nice, allways were wars and suffering, but when a Nation comes and makes war and its aim to exterminate, to do a ethnic cleaning, like was with Jews, Gitanos, homosexuals and disabled people in second war, this is a big diference. That happened with Armenians too un Turkey, did you know that? .
Jews changed their family names in USSR to be able to study in the universities, to be scientists, to have better job, not to be abused by one like you and your friends.
What about pogroms, what about all the history of abusing?
You are hipocrit, you have your hatefull truth and claims.
It's better to concentrate in help in education, in love to the different, not in double standart hate.
We survived to stay here and to built our home. We want peace, my neighbor is a Palestinian family, they are Cristian, and our relationship is very good. The problem is you and your friends, the problem is with extremists, terrorists, with individuals. I don't hate Palestinians, I can't acept terrorists , and antisimits,and hatefull people.
Well, good luck, raise your child peacfully, hope without being brainwashed. 😘😘😘
rezak mohamed hadji
Yesterday 12:35 PM
+Dina Katz no they dont palestinians live on humanitarian aid from europe and america
9:36 AM
I'm sure you're a better individual than the Jewish terrorists, supremacists and criminals that you've never heard of or don't want in your group.  That's great.  What about the pogroms and history of abusing?  Perhaps the "goyim" don't like to be spit on, in accordance with Jewish customs and traditions.  Perhaps they don't like it when your group celebrates manipulating their leaders and eating the ears of so-called "antisemites" like Haman.  What if other people aren't all bad and your own group isn't all good? What if there has been justifiable resistance from the "goyim" to being spit on and killed, down to the last woman and child?  If you  celebrate Purim in accordance with your customs and traditions, killing Persians down to the last woman and child... you can't fathom how that looks to Persian "goyim"?  If you ethnically cleanse Palestinians for the sake of your own group, in accordance with your customs... you can't fathom how that looks to Palestinian "goyim"?   If your group seeks to diversify people of European descent out of existence in the countries of their forefathers in order to prevent "Nazism"/nationalism as a threat to your own group, you can't fathom how that looks to European "goyim"?

The tribal behavior of your group produces reactions among the "goyim"/gentiles that some Talmudic Jews still view as lesser races/tribes full of unclean filth to this day.  That's why I don't envy you or wish to be a part of your group.  You're probably a good individual.  But the behavior of your ethnic group is bound to cause what it has always caused.  And why shouldn't it?  Is it a good idea to spit on other people or curse their graves, in accordance with Judaic/Talmudic customs and traditions?  It's not you.  But it is your group.  And you want to be a part of that group.  Given that, you avoid dealing with or tend to defend that sort of behavior.  So nice as you may be as an individual, you wind up incorporating yourself with Jewish customs and traditions of criminality, supremacy and hatred of all the "goyim." (Palestinian/European/Persian/Iranian... whoever.)         

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