Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Tired of the lies...

Look at it from a different perspective. A ( SINGLE ) fully trained U.S. soldier costs about $ 40,000 dollars PER YEAR . While these STUPID Arabs and Muslims( screaming something about Snack bars and 72 virgins) are willing to die for about $1,800 with NO MEDICAL BENFITS TOO !!! Now if your DESPERATE leader looking to prevent the collapse of your empire wouldn't you pay the little Al Qaida monkey willing to do your dirty work ???  · 2 mynym 1 second ago +ND7652 It's not even "our" dirty work. It's about the political leverage of pipelines running through Israel and "allies in the region." Because wherever they run, they can be turned on or off to manipulate the price of oil that controls economies and so on and on. Then there's Jewish nationalism and the fact that they have Tribalists Inc. all over the world that often favor Jewish nationalism/"racism"/Zionism. Saudis aside... if the destruction of Syria wasn't kosher, it would have never happened. All they have to do is higher privateer/mercenaries to shoot both sides, then watch the whole thing disintegrate. Then there's no way a pipeline can be built. And everyone's happy, except for the Syrian people that now hate each other's guts based on Arab tribalism mixed in with some dumb Islamic shit.

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