Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ramble 12/16 (Is Wolf Von Baumgart a Zionist? Key word search... Lol.)

This was our Constitutional government in the country that our ancestors left and founded for us, posterity. Fight for it. It's right here as our nation/family/kin, living in the land/country.

So many people of European descent are ready to sign up for the military (voluntarily, no less) but then many come back and twiddle their thumbs while their children have to live with more Muslim diversity right here?

Why are people ready to KILL for this country based on whatever flimsy pretext or fraud the international Tribe gives them... yet then they will not even fight for representation in their increasingly diverse countries?

About halfway through this video on the destruction of Europe and more importantly, Europeans as a group with subgroups... we don't have a right to give up. 

Push these guys our way. Whether that's Donald J. Trump or whoever it is that's closest to expressions of European nationalism with our kin.  If/when Trump fails to do the things that he's talking about, then replace him too. Then replace the next guy that's a failure. And then endlessly agitate against the next guy too. Note the Whiskey Rebellion. Why did that occur? Did Washington feel a bit sheepish putting down the Whiskey Rebellion for the sake of a Masonic/Judaic monetary system?  Americans have a history of keeping these people and their representatives like Hamilton in line, even Washington himself had to be rebelled against.

These days... how is it that so many people of European descent will voluntarily go KILL/murder peasants for the sake of their "country" and nation, kith and kin. (This is apparently what they believe, as wide eyed teenagers.) But then they often won't even lift a cynical finger as their country dissolves around them due to the same financial and tribal forces that sent them to war based on lies?

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