Monday, December 14, 2015

Oops, 12/14...

Because half (or more) of America doesn’t care. Give them their 10% of U.S. territory, their doomed system of phony money and largesse, watch it fail, establish control.

Other than our groups, I think the most likely scenarios are what we’ve already seen. More riots. More incitement. Asian immigrants and others actually seem more likely to stand up to the madness of Joe “I’m a Jewish nationalist.” Biden’s “unrelenting stream” of ethnic replacement than witless Americans of European descent that don’t even realize they have a tribal identity other than gay.

Most people of European descent aren’t going to fight it, let alone so much as identify source of it. Which is odd, given that they fight each other like “individual” cats and dogs all the time. Or they’re the “sleeping giant” that goes tribal whenever they’re told to. Then they get to be the “greatest generation” of the 1950s that defeated themselves and their own group interests for the sake of diversity. It always has to be “the other” with some people.

The other is the wolf that strayed from the pack that they dragged in and domesticated as a dog. Hey, the wolf just invited his whole pack/gang in and they’re eating your family and kin. “Me, ma moo!!!? Me still play pretend to be wolf now… noble savage, me Cecil the lion lives matter very noble too.” In other news:
(Muslims Declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe:
A [“]Dutch[“] Muslim politician has called for a ban on dogs in The Hague, … Islamic legal tradition holds that dogs are “unclean” animals, and some …)


These provincial diversity nutters (That I still like because they're kin.)  never seem to know anything about… DIVERSITY and how different ethnic groups really are. Let’s put all the groups of the world in a big “melting pot” of Babel(gov) Inc. like some Jew said to… in a play and now endless TV shows and movies.

Great idea, folks/Volk.

I disagree. They control Hollywood, the print media, the ABCNNBCBS cabal and the music industry.

They don’t control the internet, where more people go to get their news. Except the witless.
They do control social/tribal networks of power most likely to be utterly hated. Congress. “Bankers.” “Mainstream media.”

Trump is the first signs of people being out of control and you can see them peeing their pants over (or painting pictures in menstrual blood over), day after day. Yet most European Americans seem to like him, no matter how many ethnic groups are incited. Perhaps he is the “furor” of the people that built the country growing angry. Why are they angry with the old political parties that were tasked with creating debt/money out of nothing to finance wars, money lent at interest by foreigners?

It’s probably mainly do to the fact that a tribal group of foreigners has used their power over money to subvert and diversify the representation of everyone else in the country. “Oligarchy.”

At this point, given the pathetic level of subversion of the nation the “populist”/”reactionary”/”racist”/”nativist”/”xenophobic”/”phobic” (only a Jewish psychiatrist could diagnose the very complex… complexes… of the goyim! Perhaps all “fascist”/masculine men that identify and resist Jewish power have short penises all the sudden? Who knows!) slogans could be:

“No more WARS for foreign countries without representation of our own interests as a group.” (Gee, the Founders rebelled over taxes! Lol.)
“No more bailing out the pyramid schemes of foreign ((((globalists))) without representation.”
“No more support for criminal countries without representation for us as a group.”
And perhaps most important of all:
“No more ethnic replacement and blending us out of existence by immigration without representation.”
Ironically the establishment of Jewish power is probably worse for the British and other Europeans than witless white people in America.

* If a man defends his own nation then he’s a “fascist”/terrorist/Nazi/racist. And the dumbocrazies are pretty quick on the hate speech over there. It’s too bad about the Front National in France. Note how easily they elected a Jewish nationalist like Sarkozy that wanted to blend and diversify them with Muslim ethnic groups, reliable votes against the French. That’s going well. Yet now they can’t even elect their own nationalists in their own so-called “dumbocracy”… which usually leads to the kosher top blowing off eventually. “Never again.” But the behavior of the Tribe is the same, much like other tribes have their own customs and traditions. So the same things usually happen. I’m assuming that if the Eskimos were going around the world taking over financial and political systems, then there would be a big problem with anti-Eskimo sentiment arising everywhere. They’d probably even have to have an Eskimo anti-defamation league.

Anyway, I don’t really know much about the Eskimos. They seem nice. But I still might not want a bunch of Eskimos running the place, especially if their interests didn’t align with those of my own group.

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