Monday, December 14, 2015

Ramble 12/14

Muslims are commanded to kill every last man, woman, and child on Earth who does not submit to Allah (“Islam” means submission) unless to temporarily allow infidels to exist in a state of slavery known as DHIMMITUDE.

These diplomatic/global empire building type guys like Carper don't have an answer. 

They're just like the European "mainstream" in general in this process:
Like most people, I am not a fan of extremism. But we live in an era when extreme things are happening all around us, so to act with conventional moderation is the equivalent of turning down the heating when the house is on fire.
    Centuries of history, including scores of major wars, dozens of invasions and revolutions, and tens of millions slaughtered in battle, have not sufficed to change the ethnic and cultural character or France. However, mass immigration and differential birth rates threaten to do what the likes of Attila the Hun, Moslem Crusaders, English longbowmen, French Revolutionaries, and German panzers failed to do: i.e. change France in its very essence.
I don't even really like the French.  Yet I still want them to continue to exist.  (Unlike some ethnic chameleons that are celebrating all this and pushing for it.  But I won't go into all that again.)

These mainstream guys like Carper can't even protect their own people and see to it that the continued existence of the descendants of the people that built and died for these countries is secured.

What is France without the French people?  

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