Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Anne Frankly, it was a Holohoax.

It takes on a new light when you think of Otto Frank writing the masturbation sections. A typically depraved, perverted Jew, pretending to be his daughter twiddling her bean so he can rake in the cash and advance his tribe's ethnic interests. Despite being sick, and thus unable to work, Anne and her sister died of typhus, and weren't gassed to death, despite the narrative. They died of typhus because Typhoons and P-47's were hammering the railways (and even old farmers and their horses, you can see it on the nose cams), hence stopped the Zyklon B disinfestation shipments, hence why you see bald, skinny inmates. They shaved their heads because lice spread in hair, they had barcode tattoos for processing for the long haul, they weren't gassed despite being unable to work because nobody was being gassed. Hence why the "showers," which were presumed to dispense hydrocyanic acid, later had the "roof holes" theory put in, with the holes hammered in as a "reconstruction" by the Soviet Lublin government, once it was proven that you couldn't heat up Zyklon B and run the gas through a shower head. Hence the disinfestation chambers having their walls loaded with Prussian Blue residue, while gas chambers where millions died had no more of a trace than the cafeteria or brothel.
The biggest hole they haven't even tried to cover up is the Diesel exhaust chamber at Treblinka, where German engineers inexplicably used a foreign tank engine (without replaceable parts), killing by the extremely impotent diesel gas (they assumed it was an instant killer because the black smoke looks scary, I'm not kidding). The Mauthausen bone cruncher, Belzec electric floors, and Sobibor rollercoaster (Jews were supposedly put in a huge mine cart, sent down a ramp, which slammed into a stop, and catapulted hundreds of Jews into an open fire), have quietly gone by the wayside, but the establishment still clings to the diesel engine nonsense. This shit was so hastily, so poorly, cobbled together, it's actually hilarious.

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